Missed the MISSBISH Slack Session? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you're not a part of the MISSBISH Slack Community- you're missing out on chatting with bishes who are giving their honest advice, on all the questions you've been curious about. Our last Session: Multi-Hyphenates Pushing Beyond One Career was all about those women who have been able to bypass typical single industry successes and have paved their way in more than just one career. We spoke to powerhouses Anaa Saber, Chinae Alexander, and Lindsay Jang  in a live online chat to learn about how they handle it all. Here's what they had to say:

When you do more than one thing, you have to learn how to manage and balance it all. Set a schedule and be okay with others' help.

Finding balance is always tough, but I try to organize each of my days to coordinate with all my endeavors. One day is set for meetings with clients, one set for shoots, another for copywriting and so forth. I still don't think I've fully learned how to balance but when work is passion it all paves its way. - Anaa

For me, it's been learning to manage my perfectionism and thinking I can do things better than everyone. Through outsourcing (even little tasks I could easily do) I've learned that people have skill sets for a reason and that being a great manager (one that understands the power of delegation) is the best skill to hone. - Chinae

Remember what your skill set is. Use it to your advantage and push to expand it further. Everyone is just publishing their best moments, so don't expect to get it right every time. 

All of the things I do are the same. They're just different companies. Generally speaking, I do the same role in every company. I think it's important for people to know that a lot of things look good on social, but I don't publish my moments of epic failure. - Lindsay

Inspiration doesn't always come naturally. It will become a skill that you have to work at. 

I force myself to do it. Even if it feels like there's no time. Even if that just creating something for myself that no one else will see. It's like when you're exercising and you're exhausted and you just keep pushing through... sometimes what you need is to take that deep grounding breath. Same for me at work. Return to the thing, get re-inspired and reignited and inevitably the results are better - Chinae

If they aren't paying your bills, pay them no mind. AKA: Focus on you.

I don't believe in competition. I make a true effort not to focus on what other people are doing or thinking of me. -Lindsay

Don't forget to lend a hand and help your friends out. Everyone can win.

I think when people look at this industry as a competition it's going to be tough for them. Because at the end of the day there are a plethora of opportunities for everyone. And if you can help the people around you grow (like your friends) you have a much better experience than those who do it alone. - Anaa

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