Mixing Dance and HIIT with PUMA x NYCB

Author: Angela Fernandez
09.27 / Fitness

Decked out in my PUMA Velvet Rope gear, I made it to the New York City Ballet x PUMA workout event at Lincoln Center Plaza. The two have just collaborated on a new kind of training that integrates dance with HIIT (high-intensity interval training) sessions.

NYCB dancers are known for their amazing physique which is thanks to rigorous training, so it was only right that PUMA's Team Faster chose NYCB professionals to lead the workout. The event had a great turnout with Lincoln Center Plaza holding 500 people--which has never been done before.

After grabbing a fresh carrot juice smoothie, I made it to a mat and patiently waited for the sweat session to begin. In the hour-long class, I learned how to do a proper pliê while transitioning into a squat, and many more exercises that kicked my butt.  It was definitely challenging but tons of fun. The team put together an amazing event that ran smoothly and is set to be shared all over the world throughout 2018. Keep your eyes and ears open for an NYCB x PUMA event near you!

Photos by: Getty

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