MUNCHIES Culinary Director, Farideh Sadeghin’s Top 5 Restaurants in NYC

Author: Kristen McCloud
05.04 / Food & Drink

As the Culinary Director of MUNCHIESFarideh Sadeghin is responsible for testing every single featured recipe as well as managing the test kitchen and garden. So who better to ask for a list of the best food spots to hit up in New York? Ranging from classic pizza to authentic Persian, Farideh's taste is appropriately vast and her list will provide you with a little bit of everything to try. Check it out below!

Uncle Boon's
Undoubtedly, this is the place that I a) always take people when they are in NYC visiting and b) tell people to go when they are in NYC visiting. It has a fun atmosphere, the drinks are perfect, and the food is fire. Don't miss the chicken and banana blossom salad (it is, perhaps, my favorite dish in all of the city).

Keen's Steakhouse
I used to work a few blocks away from this classic steakhouse. It was where we went after work for drinks (or during work when things got rough). I prefer eating at the bar, as it’s a bit more relaxed, and a beautiful portrait of Miss Keens graces the wall behind the bar. The restaurant is pretty cool though, with hundreds (thousands?) of pipes adorning the ceiling (also, make sure to eat the prime rib hash!).

The ever-changing menu of this SOHO restaurant is perfection every single time. It’s small, reasonably priced, and perfect for a date night spot or a girl’s night meal (with a great wine list and fun amaro's). My favorite part? The restaurant is run entirely by women.

Archie's Pizza
NYC is bursting with amazing pizza joints, but my favorite happens to be a 5-minute walk from my apartment (dangerous, I know). It's a small place with a little bar and limited seating, but they're open until 3am (again, dangerous). It's not your typical NYC slice: instead, it’s thick and they cut the pie into squares. Pro-tip: order the large pepperoni with hot peps, well-done.

Taste of Persia
Everyone always asks me where to eat Persian food in the city, and to be honest, nowhere really does it that well – except here! Just outside of Union Square on 18th Street, it shares a space with a pizza joint. Saeed, the chef/owner, will literally give you samples of everything to try (and he's so friendly and sweet!).

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