Must Read: iGirl by Top Studio Girl | The Regina George of Instagram’s “Burn Book”

Author: Sequoia Etti
03.24 / Art

There is no doubt that Instagram brings out the superficial, gram-obsessed, filter snobs in all of us. The hours you spend tirelessly editing & contemplating "if you should gram"  that pic of you in a bikini because you're not sure how your audience is going to react to the cellulite creeping in on your right leg, or the old guy photobombing your otherwise perfectly pristine #OOTD moment from dinner over the weekend #NewCholebag #Chloegirl.

Because everyone really cares, that much, about your life- right? And if you don't gram it,  it didn't happen.

Central St. Martins Graduate & London based Illustrator is calling us out on the behaviour of our Instagram etiquette with an IG dedicated to references surrounding today's most pressing pop culture phenomena; Yeezy, Drake, The Kardashians, selfies, and the importance of having a following and existence online, rather than being a decent human being. describes herself as the Regina George of Instagram, with her soon to be released "burn book," iGIRL- satirical publication that takes a look into the user’s thoughts.

She explains: "I wanted to create something that would make girls laugh but also wasn’t just nonsense, there was a meaning behind it. iGirl is a bit of fun, but it also opens up our eyes to the bigger picture: how reliant we have become online. It’s all about ‘internet goals and having the perfect feed.’ Which when we take a step back and think about it, it’s all ridiculous but we all do it, including me.” 

You can pre-order iGIRL here.