Naomi Campbell Gets Real with BOF as She Prepares for Her “Fashion for Relief” Fundraiser

Author: Zenna Wilberg
05.19 / Lifestyle

Though she's been well known as an iconic member of the fashion industry for years, Naomi Campbell has also been a philanthropist since age 22. From speaking to Nelson Mandela about how to use her international success to help others, philanthropy has been a major part of her work.

She recently spoke with Business of Fashion to discuss "Fashion for Relief," a charity she originally founded in 2005 to aid in the Hurricane Katrina efforts. Since then, she's continued her charity efforts to assist many in need across the globe. "It isn't for press or publication," she says. Rather, it's something she feels passionately about and wants to help with.

This year's event is for Save The Children's "Every Last Child" campaign. After traveling to Jordan to visit the refugee camps for Syrians earlier this year, she heard the stories of mothers and children, and was inspired to share their struggles in support.

The event takes place this upcoming Sunday in Cannes. Read the full article with BOF here.