Nasty Gal Founder Sophia Amoruso Joins Marie Claire as Contributing Editor

Author: Coco Marett
08.13 / Lifestyle

Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso and author of #GIRLBOSS has landed herself a sweet position as contributing editor for Marie Claire. 31-year-old Amoruso, who gave up her role as Nasty Gal’s CEO earlier this year, will be dishing out career advice and answering readers’ questions in Marie Claire’s @work section in the candid style that she’s become so loved for.

“So what have I learned? What’s in the future? Consider me half baked. Just peeling back one layer of the onion every day,” she says. “As I wrote in my book, you shouldn’t idolize anyone. And I’m telling you again, don’t idolize me. I don’t know sh*!. Neither do your parents. But if I can pull this off, so can you. Take that and run with it.”

Run with it we shall, Sophia.

Source: WWD