#NEED: Sailor Moon x Meitu Official Phone & Selfie-Stick Wand

Author: Mia Guevarra
05.12 / Tech

Chinese selfie app maker Meitu has created the official Sailor Moon phone and matching wand selfie stick. The phone is a limited edition version of Meitu’s latest M8 model, and has been given the original Sailor Moon artist's blessing.

The phone will offer features from the Meitu app, like detect facial features and tweak selfies. The selfie stick is meant to emulate Sailor Moon’s "Moon Stick Wand."

The phone is based off the Android Marshmallow and only 10,000 phones will be produced. Expect the Sailor Moon phone to launch in June in Hong Kong priced at 2,899 Yuan ($420 USD).

Source: Mashable

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