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Author: Marguerite Castaneda / Photos: Pure Beauty

In Los Angeles, you have your pick of options when it comes to cannabis consumption. With the recent legalization of cannabis, more brands have been popping up and grabbing your attention. Pure Beauty is one of them. The LA-based pre-roll and flower company offers their products in millennial pink; elevated packaging for the minimalists trying to dodge the typically cheesy branding designs of so many cannabis companies. Their simple eye emoji logo is becoming synonymous with dope (pun intended) imagery and high potency pre-rolls. MISSBISH got to talking to the people behind Pure Beauty, on their branding and what makes their flower different than the rest. Find out why you should pick up Pure Beauty below.

Pure Beauty is known for its strong branding and imagery that makes you look twice. What is the design process like?
The design process is always driven by instinct and having fun with the brand. It's influenced by weed culture but more so culture outside the cannabis space.

Was it more of a gradual evolution or did you always know what the branding would be?
When we started, it was about building a strong base that felt open enough to go in various directions. A big part of the evolution comes from the creatives we partner with. By having trusted creative partners, we start to dictate where the brand can go together.

With the recent legalization in California, how has being based in Los Angeles impacted Pure Beauty?
To be surrounded by so many like-minded people that are passionate about the awe and the beauty of the cannabis plant – it’s inspiring and we are very much part of that community. But beyond LA, we love absorbing global thinking and aesthetics and design as well. We care about diversity! The politics of legalization are a rollercoaster of challenges and changes but also needed advancements in fixing the system. The newly regulated market is cool, for sure, but it is definitely a complicated business. And cannabis legislation in California to this day is still being tweaked and adopted, with many more rules to come. And that’s a lot to pay attention to, which is why it’s important to be politically aware and as active as possible. LA is awesome, working in weed is awesome.

Why supply pre-rolls and not only the cannabis flower? What makes the Pure Beauty pre-roll different than others?
We think it's important to do both. We are super particular about the quality of flower we sell and that is evident when you see it - we want everyone to see our flower because it sets the precedent for our other products. This is the same flower and quality that you can expect in the pre-rolls. We wanted to make pre-rolls that don't feel "pre-packaged" or full of trim or shake, but truly nicely ground nugs. People are drawn to our cigarette-style because it is discreet, but also kind of fun and playful. It is also a great tool for people who are trying to quit smoking (tobacco). We hope people will open up our pre-rolls to see the beauty that is inside!

The public's perception of cannabis is rapidly pivoting and evolving. How is Pure Beauty a part of the conversation?
We feel that our existence as a brand is pushing forward this evolution - through our imagery and philosophies, we are part of the movement that is reframing what cannabis is in the collective conscious. Many people have put cannabis in a box in terms of where it belongs and the types of people that consume it, this has not been helped by institutions and brands kind of lazily resting on hackneyed tropes as opposed to challenging them. This reframing is important on a much broader level because it is inextricably linked to the mentalities confining cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug. As it becomes more understood and universally accepted the politics will follow.

What pieces of this perception do you wish you did not have to fight so hard to overcome?
Primarily the parts that are making it illegal federally. It is crazy that it is categorized alongside heroin when in fact there is research to suggest its benefits in the treatment of opioid addiction; overdose deaths have dropped significantly in states that have legalized marijuana. It is such a waste that we are losing all this time and resource fighting over legalization as opposed to exploring the myriad ways in which cannabis can help people and the world. Who knows how much time, how much money, and how many lives could be saved if we were to already be where we are inevitably headed?

Who is the ideal Pure Beauty consumer?
First, anyone that likes to have a good time. A lot of brands really focus on the medicinal benefits of cannabis and we wholly support that, but that is not our top priority. We care most about having a really amazing and memorable experience. This completely defines not just our aesthetic, but how we operate as a brand as well as the strains we choose; strains that are exotic, boutique, and hard to find. Ours is really strong flower that will have a really fun and interesting high. We consider the medical benefits to be a positive side effect of many our of our products.

Secondly, someone that will spend, not a lot, but a little bit more money to get to a much higher level of quality and experience. We spend a lot of time procuring our strains, ensuring their quality and really thinking through the whole user experience.

What advice do you have for those working in branding in the cannabis industry?
Like anything good, it's a slow burn. Lol.

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