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Author: Marguerite Castaneda / Photos: Yumi Yamsuan
07.27 / Lifestyle

You already know that MISSBISH is all about connecting - especially inside our Slack Community. One of the ways we connect and inspire is through our Slack Sessions talking to the women who inspire us. Our next Session will revolve around women who have been able to bypass typical single industry successes and have paved their way in more than just one career.

The MISSBISH Session: Multi-Hyphenates Pushing Beyond One Career will focus on personal development, entrepreneurship, networking and more. The MISSBISH community will chat honestly with three women who have journeyed through the businesses and industries themselves.

Anaa Saber, the girl behind blog ‘Our Second Skin’ is most known for her fashion, styling, and overall multitasking. Her creative street style is always worth pausing for while scrolling through the ‘gram. But she doesn’t have just one job title. In addition to fashion, Anaa has also become known for sharing her skincare and beauty regime. Though beauty feels like a natural extension of fashion, the industries are definitely different. A columnist, concept editor, and everything in between- Anaa knows about juggling it all.

Multitalented Chinae Alexander is what some would call their #fitspo - but she’s honestly #inspo in much more than just the fitness world. Through a lens of positivity, Chinae has also ventured into the beauty world, spent some time as an event planner, and is focusing all efforts on self-care. She prioritizes making other women feel confident and at home in their own bodies by just speaking her mind and showing everyone that hard days happen. Chinae could do it all - so long as she can do it with positivity.

Lindsay Jang is a multi-hyphenate a few times over and she isn't done yet. From Hong Kong via NYC, originally from Canada, she is a mother of two. Restaurateur. Entrepreneur. Co-owner and co-founder of Yardbird, RŌNIN, Sunday’s Grocery, and MISSBISH.  Yoga practitioner and teacher. Need we say more? Not to mention she replies to emails faster than anyone we know. Always willing to offer guidance, Lindsay is exactly the type of woman we wanted to speak to for this session.

The MISSBISH Slack Session: Multi-Hyphenates Pushing Beyond One Career will be held online in our Slack Community on July 31st at 6:00 PST | 9:00 EST.

If you would like to join us, sign up for our MISSBISH Slack Community via the form below and you will receive an email invitation. Come hang!

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