Nike’s Newest Podcast Focuses on Issues of Sexism in the Sport’s Industry

Author: Kelly Bongrain / Photos: @IbtihaJMuhammad
11.20 / Fitness


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You told a little girl she was too black for her tennis whites. And she grew up to be @SerenaWilliams. #UntilWeAllWin #Nike

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Nike has never been afraid to shy away from trying something new, especially in the name of supporting athletes. Their unrelenting desire to keep audiences guessing has built a loyal fan base throughout the years. So it should come as no surprise that their new podcast, The Fenom Effect, will not only highlight notable female athletes, but also highlight the different experience for women in sports.

According to the sportswear brand, the podcast will give listeners an inside look into the lives of female athletes around the world. According to the podcast's website, they will feature "Stories from athletes who don’t stop at sport. They spark change and redefine the rules. Hear from the world’s greatest athletes on topics like equality, representation, leadership, confidence, and more."

The podcast will host guests such as Lacey Baker, pro surfer Carissa Moore, the youngest female Olympic gold medallist snowboarder Chloe Kim, and WNBA player Maya Moore, as well as the first Muslim American woman to wear a hijab during competition, fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad

You can now stream episodes of The Fenom Effect on Apple Podcasts.