Listen to the Fresh Sounds of NJOMZA

Author: Angela Fernandez
01.21 / MB Series

Kosovo singer/songwriter NJOMZA creates R&B sounds by tapping into artists that inspire and influence her. During high school, she grew a following by uploading covers of Wiz Khalifa, Kid Cudi, and more, which caught Mac Miller's eye. Performing at festivals and shows, NJOMZA has officially become a household name with the release of her debut EP, the Vacation. Check out the full interview below.

How would you describe your sound?
I think I’m a blend of all of my influences. I bridge the gaps between pop, R&B, and soul music. I try to be as free as possible during my writing process, I never want to be boxed into one sound.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
My personal life and everything around me. Sometimes I’ll write about my own thoughts or breakups/makeups. Other times I draw inspiration from something a friend might be going through. I’ll just write about it as if I’m in their shoes.

Congratulations on your debut EP, VACATION, with SinceThe80s/Motown! Can you take us through your writing process?
Thank you! I wanted to get out of my own head (hence the title "VACATION") and create a sound that people could get lost in. Each song basically started from scratch with a producer. They would play a chord progression on guitar or a synth melody and I would immediately ask myself, "what do I want to let go of today?" And then the words would start flooding in.

How was working with Mac Miller and what is one piece of advice he gave you on your musical journey?
Working with Mac was my absolute favorite. We had a musical connection like no other. He could play every instrument and write, so it was just so easy to be in the studio with him. We’d go line for line on songs sometimes. He always challenged me to do better as a songwriter. In a world where a lot of the time people are more interested in the drama surrounding an artist rather than their music, he told me to always remember it was about the music. Nothing else. Just make meaningful projects. Make songs from the soul.

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
Empowerment! Which I’m all about! Let’s unite women together and uplift each other. The possibilities are endless when women link up!

Who is your MISSBISH?
My mother and my auntie! They are the two women I have looked up to my entire life and who made me who I am today. Strong and independent.

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