No Rest For the Wicked | MISSBISH GG Magree

From her iconic style to her bass-heavy sets that leave crowds delirious, to her cheeky line of merch - that's a whole lot of awesome to fit into this pocket rocket from Sydney. But somehow, GG Magree does it all, and she does it well. Check out her rad AF playlist "YEAH PUSSY 2.0" here, and read GG's interview below about daring to be different, giving your all and how music stole her heart.

Tell us about yourself and how you got to where you are now…
I'm an Australian-born DJ/ Producer/ Vocalist/ Creative Label Head/ Entrepreneur. I work, create, grind, hustle, and work some more! I really, really believe in the statement “sleep when you're dead.”

Would you say that you chose music or did music choose you?
MUSIC CHOSE ME! Before I found the obsession I call “music,” I was studying property economics at university and I would never have imagined that music would become my everything. It was this moment at a house party, when I watched people dancing and smiling to music that I was selecting on an AUX cord that I realized I could make people feel that way.

You’ve played in front of some pretty epic audiences. What’s your secret to getting a crowd off?
There is not one set I don’t pour my absolute heart into. I could be playing to 10 people in a room and still give the same energy I would if I was playing to a festival of 20,000 people. Energy is what connects you to the audience. It's a major key and believe me, I have a lot of it!

Your sets are bass and trap heavy, but the music that you produce/sing on is a lot more poppy. Why did you choose to go in a different direction with your music?
I never planned on going in the more pop direction, it just happened. In saying that, I never want to make any plans with music. I feel like the right music catches you and you just ride the wave, feel me? All genres cross over into different scenes now, and my voice is childlike so I think that's where the pop element comes in. As for my sets, I'll always play bass-driven sets, as much as I'll throw in some pop/ hip hop there is nothing that turns me on more than that low grumble. I’m a head-banging energizer bunny, really.

Your look is super tomboy but also sexy at the same time. Tell us about your style and what it says about you…
My style defines me. I dress exactly how I want. I'm a little left of center, always keeping it super casual and comfort is KEY! I have an older brother, so grew up in his clothes and was always skateboarding, snowboarding, etc. I guess that's where the tomboy in me was born. I'm not afraid to step out of the box with fashion, I’m not normal, nor is my music and nor is my fashion taste.

“Work hard. Work your absolute a*s off. Never give up and DO NOT be afraid to be different! If you trust yourself and your vision, you will be successful."

Now about “Yeah Pussy” - how did it start, what’s the movement behind it, where’s it going? Tell us everything!
Pussy originally began as my merch line. It's had so much growth over the past couple of years that I knew it was time to move it in a different direction. I teamed up with my business partner Yung Lex, redesigned a whole new fashion range and we're  about to launch the first leg of our creative hub. The aim was to create our own network, a place where people can express themselves, Yeah Pussy is loud AF, I mean you have to have some balls to pull it off, so this is basically the new meaning for the name. We're going to the top baby!

Your career has taken you all over the world - what have been some of your favourite moments abroad?
Traveling is one of my absolute favourite things about my job. I love going to new places and experiencing different cultures. I really think that's where I get most of my creativity from. Its so hard to name some of my favorites. Recently, I went to Paris and shot a documentary with Vice and DJed at an abandoned church! That was pretty tight.

What kind of traveler are you?
I'm the worst on a plane and the best on the ground. I have SO much energy, so for me sitting on a plane for extended periods of time is hell, and I’m sure the other people on the plane hate me as well as I'm always working on music, coloring in, singing, dancing in the aisles, etc. The one thing I have to pride myself on is that I don't get jetlag, and I'm a pretty light traveler.

What advice do you have for other aspiring she-jays?
Work hard. Work your absolute a*s off. Never give up and DO NOT be afraid to be different! If you trust yourself and your vision, you will be successful.

What are some hidden gems in Sydney?
I live on a private beach, so that's my sexy spot. Oh, and Chargrill Charlie's. I love me some chicken!

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
Babes, babes and more damn babes! I love that girls empower girls! It's sexy.

Finish the sentence:
If I weren’t afraid I would… jump out of a plane.

I wouldn’t be where I am today if… I didn’t have the support from my family, my manager and team around me.

I’m currently listening to… Big Sean.

Kids these days… should be allowed to be out later than 3 am in Sydney! It's horrible! Let them live.

I look and feel my best when… I’ve just played a show and have sweat all over my body. SEXY!

When no one is looking I… eat red frogs.

I respect… difference.

Photographer: Jordan Kirk

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