Not Just a Beauty Guru | Meet Lexie Lombard

Author: Carissa Law / Photos: Valine Brana
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Our world is so saturated with social media now, the number of content creators is increasing at such a rate that it is almost hard to keep up with. Many of them are committed to render YouTube their full-time career, while some started it as a hobby. Lexie Lombard, a distinctive 20-year-old YouTuber who started off as a beauty guru on YouTube, is now recognized as the unfiltered, organic content creator who deploys her platform to advocate, enlighten and create intelligent dialogues with her followers.

Lexie was born and raised in northern Virginia until she was sixteen when she was approached by a manager who encouraged her to take her hobby to a professional level. Following high school, she deferred her college acceptance and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her YouTube career. Currently, she is living in New York, majoring in Graphic Design.

Lexie has over 422K subscribers today and she highlights topics from fashion to veganism and generates conversation on rape culture, masturbation, and mental health. Below we discussed her transition to her unique brand of activism and how she stays transparent.

We understand you have moved from Los Angeles to New York, can you tell us about the transition and how it changed you as a person?
New York works well with my upbeat personality. I much prefer the speed this city moves at.

How would you compare Los Angeles and New York as a creative outlet/platform?
I made a mistake and didn’t branch out beyond my internet friends in Los Angeles. In New York, my YouTube presence makes me unique. I have a friend group that includes photographers, PR and marketing agents, models, writers, musicians, theater actors, and students. We’re all creative, but in various fields - meaning everyone offers something different. In Los Angeles, all of my friends were on YouTube and it felt like I had nothing that set me apart and nothing to offer.

We noticed your YouTube content has switched from beauty-oriented to more lifestyle-focused. What inspired this transition?
YouTube culture shifted, and I’m thankful it did. We’re all 3-dimensional people with many interests outside the realm of beauty and I’m grateful there’s an audience curious enough to care.

We love your WEIRDD series and realize that you are a bookworm. Tell us about the book that you’ve been reading lately.
I’m re-reading Women Who Run with the Wolves. Female energy information overload. I think I could read it a few more times and continue to learn something new.

You decided to stop being vegan. How are you feeling now that you’re eating meat again?
Oh wow. I was so scared to reveal my departure from that lifestyle. I’m quite pleased with the video I made addressing the shift. I think my subscribers were able to see the fear in my eyes and the honest explanation for the change. I feel much healthier now. My mental state became fairly warped during the third year of my veganism. That being said, I am still a huge advocate of a plant-based lifestyle.

Do you have anything to say to people who want to take a gap year(s) but are afraid that they would miss out a year of productive working experience?
Shift the mentality. If you don’t know what you want to do with your life, taking a gap year from traditional linear learning is a productive working experience.

Your major is graphic design. What is your plan after art school?
I have two ideas at the moment. In additional to filming videos, I’d love to work at a design firm and take acting classes, or continue my studies and earn a masters.

Your videos are so raw and authentic, is that your intention and what you’re trying to portray?
It’s not my intention, but I think it’s a result of me beginning my YouTube channel as a hobby.

If you had to pick three MISSBISHes that you look up to, who would they be?
My psychiatrist Dr. Cohen, I think she is a genius and an absolute rock star. I hope to be half the woman she is.

Georgie Greville from Milk Makeup — she’s a walking, talking, cup of creativity.

My future self. I have huge ideas for who I hope to become. Whenever I fantasize about my future self, I become instantly motivated and inspired.

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
Strong independent females working to leave an impact.

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