Not Just One Thing | Fashion Stylist and Co-Founder of OUR Bakery Hanyoung Seo

Author: Heejung Kim / Photos: Vans
11.13 / #CommitToYou

The MISSBISH team and our friends at Vans know that you don't ever have to be constrained to just one career. We've teamed up to showcase those who are 'Not Just One Thing', for inspiration and advice for those of us who refuse to limit ourselves. Hanyoung Seo was just starting to chase after her new dream after her career in fashion styling from the last time we spoke on a MB Series. While she continues to freelance on fashion projects when she can, her passion has now carried her into developing a successful bakery business that is slowly beginning to gain momentum in expanding internationally.

Get to know Hanyoung below and shop the MISSBISH apparel pieces she's rocking here.

There are exciting things happening since the last time we spoke. Tell us about the new things happening with OUR Bakery!
Well after our interview we opened a flagship style concept shop in Garosugil, Seoul, after two years of starting OUR Bakery, and following that we opened a shop in Xinhui, Beijing, China, and currently planning on a Shanghai store in the Xintiandi district!

저희와 인터뷰 한 이래로 OUR BAKERY의 새로운 소식들을 접했습니다. OUR BAKERY 의 최근 좋은소식들에 대해 공유해주세요!
우선 그이후에 가로수길에 2년만에 플래그쉽 컨셉스타일의 아우어 매장이 생겼고. 그이후 베이징 순의 매장오픈. 그리고 상하이 신천지에 곧 첫 상하이매장이 오픈준비중입니다!

Your multitude of skills in fashion and food has allowed you to be 'Not Just One Thing.' What skills do you take with you, no matter the industry or job?
Rather than a certain skill, I believe that having that driving force to propell you into making it happen is the most important. Even if you have the best ideas or eye for design it isn't worth anything if it is not put into action.

패션과 베이커리 분야의 수많은 기술을 통해 다양한 일의 전문가가 되셨는데요, 산업이나 직업에 관계없이 어떤 기술을 가장 중요하게 생각하세요?
어떤스킬이라기보다 추진력이 가장중요하다고 생각합니다. 아무리 좋은 아이디어와 감각을 가지고 있더라도 생각만하고 실행하지않으면 아무 가치가 없다고 생각해요.

What advice do you have for those who are striving to be 'Not Just One Thing' and are transitioning into other careers or industries?
New challenges that you face will never be perfect, but take your tasks day by day. The timing is now even with the thought of wanting to start something new.

직업전환이나 새로운 길을 시도하고 싶은 사람들에게 어떤 조언을 주실수 있나요?
새로 도전하는 것에 처음부터 완벽하기를 바라지말고 무조건 오늘부터 관련된 것에 다가가라고 하고싶어요. 지금 새로운 길에 시도하고싶다고 생각이 든 이순간이 당신에겐 타이밍이다

How do you find balance and stay organized between your various pursuits?
To be honest, I am not the type to give my full energy to both things at once, but to give my full attention to one thing at a time, so currently it is focusing on OUR Bakery.

여러 작업을 병행하면서 밸런스를 어떻게 맞추나요?
사실 온전히 두가지 일에 몰두할 수 없는 타입이라 한쪽에 거의 쏠려서 하는편인데 그게 지금은 OUR Bakery 이다.

How do you stay creative and inspired?
Meet with creative friends who give great influence in their respective backgrounds.

창의력을 어떻게 유지하세요?
여러분야에 있는 영향력을 주는 친구들과의 만남

What do you love most about being able to jump between the fashion and food industry?
I love that I can create an environment that is more design oriented and fashionable for both!

패션과 베이커리를 병행하면서 가장 좋은 점은 무엇이세요?
더 디자인적이고 패셔너블한 하나의 문화로 만들수 있는게 가장 좋습니다!

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