#NotJustOneThing | Model, TV Host, Entrepreneur, & Mother, Cara Mcilroy

Cara Mcilroy started at the very beginning of her professional career with one guiding goal: to be kind. Countless opportunities later, Cara has been able to use her kindness and hardworking attitude to transition from one industry to another. Model, TV host, businesswoman, blogger, and mom, Cara has done it all and she isn't finished yet. Cara is not just one thing and neither are you.

The MISSBISH team and our friends at Vans know that you don't ever have to be constrained to just one career. We've teamed up to showcase those who are 'Not Just One Thing,' for inspiration and advice for those of us who refuse to limit ourselves. Cara has used her skills to become a well-known name in Hong Kong, a force of kindness that never stops learning.

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You are a model, TV host, blogger, and an entrepreneur - not to mention a wife, and mother. How have you been able to transition so easily from one industry to the next?
I don’t mean to make it look easy, because it isn’t. I struggle like everyone else. I do however love every element of what I do. I've always wanted to be a mother and wife; being a businesswoman was never my dream until I came to Hong Kong. This city has a strange energy and so many opportunities arise so it’s hard not to want to seize them all, but being a mother is my first priority. I feel the industries are all linked in a way too. Strange since they are all so different, but they are.

What commonalities have you found between each industry? 
I have always been super hard working, I had my first job at 12, and by 14 I held several jobs while attending school. So I guess I've been a champion multi-tasker from a young age. Everything I do from being a mum to a businesswoman to a model takes hard work, commitment, and a lot of heart.

You're located in busy Hong Kong. How has Hong Kong impacted your career(s) and mindset?
It’s completely changed me but at the same time, I’m still the same. I come from a low-income family so I grew up really appreciating everything that came my way. I was taught to work hard and be kind to people. I never thought in my wildest dreams I would be an international TV presenter or own my own company.

Hong Kong has made me believe anything is possible. It also changed my dreams. I have learned to set goals higher than my young country girl self. Most of the time that change is great but sometimes I also dream of a more simple life. It can be exhausting having to keep up with everything and everyone here but I rarely feel that. Mostly I feel proud of my accomplishments here and am grateful for the opportunities. My mindset is still the same: work hard and be kind to everyone.

Of course, becoming a mother has changed your life. How do you stay balanced and organized through it all?
I always wanted to be a mother and it honestly changed my life more than I imagined. My girls have taught me so much about the world and people and how to see things as a child again. It’s a beautiful thing. Balance? I still don’t know what that is haha!

You are also the founder of Genie Juicery, Hong Kong's first retail juicery offering cold pressed juice, smoothies and more. How do you fit nutrition into your busy schedule?
I don't really have to fit it in anywhere. It’s just who I am. Eating healthy and always moving are just parts of me I have always known. For me, it requires very little effort, it’s natural.

Your multitude of skills has allowed you to be 'Not Just One Thing.' Which of your skills do you take with you, no matter the industry or job?
God, I have no idea, I think being a happy and positive person is something I take everywhere with me but I’m not sure that can be classed as a skill.

It seems as though you are practically everywhere! What do you do to revive yourself?
I love yoga and I’m starting to learn meditation. Being with my family and friends is really important to me and totally revives me (ok my kids kill me too haha).

What advice do you have for those who are striving to be 'Not Just One Thing' and are transitioning into other careers or industries?
Just do it, it’s totally possible but don’t forget to take time for yourself too. I have only just realized how important that is.

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