Onomie | Launches Only Two Beauty Products That Will Change Your Life

Author: Udit
05.18 / Beauty

Onomie is the newest beauty brand that recently launched with only two products; a bold move, but they have their reasons. Founders, Kal Vepuri and Lauren Hoffman have always had a passion for beauty. When the two first met, they bonded instantly and shared their interest in disrupting the beauty industry to simplify women's beauty regimens and deliver results at an accessible price. Onomie currently features two products:

1) The A.C.E Illuminating Eye Treatment - $32 USD 
A lightweight velvety mousse with 10% Vitamin C that will instantly brighten your eyes with makeup actives, reduces fine lines, and wrinkles over time. Pure Vitamin C is most effective in a formulation at 10% or greater, but Onomie felt it was important to select a 10% level, because at higher percentages the skin can become highly irritated.

2) The Bright Concealing Elixir - $26 USD 
Dark circles are difficult to combat and we are constantly on the lookout to find the best solution to lighten them. The Bright Concealing Elixir contains a highly concentrated blend of 9 key natural and naturally-derived actives such as Night Sleeper Extract, Alfalfa Extract, Egyptian White Lupine, Brazilian Ginseng, White Lily, Caffeine, Marapaurma and key antioxidants Vitamin C and E. This powerhouse blend works together as a comprehensive approach to clinically demonstrate a visible improvement in dark circles.

At such affordable prices, it only makes sense to try Onomie's products. Head over to Onomie's online store to cop both products and let us know how they are!

Source: Refinery29