Our Experiences with Yoga | Happy International Yoga Day!

Author: Coco Marett
06.20 / Fitness

There's something special about yoga. About being in a room full of strangers, just inches away from each other, yet being able to indulge in an intimate and completely personal practice of self-love. Whether it's on or off the mat, there's no denying that yoga plays an important role in learning to shut the world off - even if just for a moment - and bringing your awareness back to yourself, and to your breath. Here's what the MISSBISH team had to say about their personal experiences with yoga. Feel free to share yours in the comments section below!

Nicole Fung | @nic0lefung 
I started doing yoga just before my husband and I got married, nearly five years ago. I was doing it purely for superficial reasons. I just wanted to look good in my wedding dress. Yoga eventually became a part of my lifestyle. When I’m faced with difficult challenges or experiencing unsettling emotions, I try to remember to breathe, stay calm, deal with the situation at hand, and never give up.

Fiona Dempsey | @fiona_dempseyy
I had been doing yoga on and off for a couple of years, but it's only in the last 12 months that I began doing it consistently. I’ve specifically fallen in love with Hot Moksha Yoga - the feeling I have whenever I walk out of a class completely sweaty is amazing. I’ve probably never looked worse, but I feel my absolute best. Physically, I feel amazing when I practise as much as possible. I struggled for years to do push ups and now I’ve never felt stronger. But yoga is different than any other workout; it’s about more than just the aesthetic and physical benefits. It truly changes you emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It has taught me how to switch off everything else and be in the moment. To just stop and breathe.

Lindsay Jang | @lindsayjang
Yoga is yoga is yoga is yoga is yoga. Don’t get caught up in a style or in the commercialization of it all because it all came from the same place, it’s just been interpreted differently. Do yoga as much as you can no matter where you are and how you feel and be forgiving of your body and mind because it changes every moment.

Jana K. Hoffman | @janaisajournalist
I remember my first yoga class like it was yesterday, and now it’s been almost 10 years. I was so nervous! Ruthie, my first instructor, will forever hold a special place in my heart. She’s filled with kindness and compassion and has a truly beautiful soul. Yoga changed my life and my body. I learned how to find balance among the chaos, pay attention to my breath in everyday situations outside of class, and build core strength that eventually prepared me to succeed in other types of workouts like HIIT, bootcamps, and boxing. I’m honestly so glad that I put aside my fears to take a chance on yoga.

Nav Birad | @nav_x
I’ve always tried getting into yoga and swear I’ll stick it out every time. I’ve tried several yoga and hot yoga classes and every time, I’ve been for 6-8 week blocks and loved it. I always leave feeling so relaxed and like a weight has been lifted. I can only imagine the benefits of sticking to it long term. I do want to begin yoga again and, this time, make it a habit.

Kristen McCloud | @kriscloud
I’ve always had an interest in yoga, but I just don’t think I’ve been proactive enough about getting into it. Sometimes yoga studios can be really intimidating, especially when you’re a newbie like me. But the couple of yoga classes I have taken have been super enjoyable, and I really appreciate everything that yoga stands for. As someone whose mind is always running a mile a minute, it’s nice to decompress in a way that’s beneficial both physically and mentally. Getting to know all of the yogis we’ve featured on MISSBISH has also only increased my interest, so I’m hoping to eventually find a class that I like and stick to it!

Heejung Kim | @heejungkimm
I worked part-time at my campus yoga studio in Savannah, Georgia during college. During stressful class requirements, projects, team presentations, I would come to the studio and do restoration yoga every now and then to ease my mind. I was extremely thankful for those times I practiced and still try to incorporate meditation/restoration yoga into my day to calm myself down. Yoga is definitely a personal experience and I think restoration yoga has worked better for me than the more active forms of yoga out there. It made me really understand what my body and mind needed, and it's a process to reach a level of peacefulness within yourself.

Zenna Wilberg | @pbr.mami
My yoga experience can only be described as amateur. That being said, when I do make it to the studio, it’s always for hot yoga, and I always have the best time. I was a pretty avid dancer until I graduated high school, so I appreciate yoga because it allows me to maintain some of my flexibility from my dance days. Also, I find aspects of yoga are very comparable to dance, especially ballet. The discipline, focus on posture, and bodily awareness yoga promotes are all very reminiscent of the mindset I had while dancing.

Jordana Terk | @jordanasarahterk
It’s tough to put into words how yoga trickles into and benefits so many parts of my life. I started practicing a little over 10 years ago and it’s the only ‘workout’ I’ve ever really been consistent with. One of the things I love about it is that I always feel like I have so much to learn. Every class challenges my mind and my body. I crave going at least a couple of times a week to unwind and destress. It’s my me time - I have one hour where I forget the world and just breathe with a room full of sweaty people. We all try to smile through the pain. Yoga stays with me outside of the classroom, it’s there to remind me to listen to my breath and my body in stressful situations when I’m under pressure, when I’m lifting weights - I could go on and on. Everyone could benefit from a little yoga in their lives. :)

Bodeline Dautruche | @bodeline.d
I want to say I have this amazing story and love for yoga, but that's just not the case. I first tried yoga in middle school. My mom bought me a yoga for kids VHS tape and I would follow along with this dainty little woman. My goal of becoming more flexible so that I could do a split like I could when I was a little bit younger was never met. Then I tried again in college, but the class was at 8:30 in the morning and I would become so comfortable that I would fall asleep. I took a few classes around the city when I moved back home, and still didn’t feel I found anything worth paying for. I finally decided to try and practice in my own room - first starting with simple meditation and practicing mindfulness before going to bed. I can say that now, I am starting to take a liking to it. Other people's voices, energy, etc. is kind of a distraction for me and took away from the intimacy of what I believe practicing yoga does for you. I still sometimes end up taking a very comfortable nap, but for the most part it has helped to calm my anxiety and has helped with my depression that I didn’t realize I was battling until very late!

Photo by: Vinodii

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