Our Favorite Binge-Worthy Shows on Netflix

Author: Kristen McCloud
09.23 / Lifestyle

Whether you have your own account or have a true ride or die who's willing to give you their password, Netflix has pretty much become a staple source of entertainment in today's society. Starting out as a simple streaming service to revisit old-school favorites like Friends and How I Met Your Mother, Netflix has grown into a major production house all on it's, giving us award-winning shows like Orange is the New Black and Master of None. Check out some of our personal faves below and find out what you should watch next!

Nicole | @nic0lefung/@thatfoodcray
I am obsessed with food, so I watch Chef’s Table religiously. It’s so well shot and the chefs’ stories are amazing. I also love watching documentaries - I’m really into Cosmos right now! I also have a few guilty pleasures such as Terrace House and An Idiot Abroad!

Monica | @monicasauce
If I’m  feeling dramatic, Jane The Virgin and Pretty Little Liars are my go-to on Netflix. I’ve also binged watched Orange is The New Black and Stranger Things in two days because they’re addicting and have great storylines. For those who haven’t seen Dear White People, it’s a MUST. Also, Young and Hungry is so relatable. If you grew up watching Hannah Montana, you’d love the mature character that Emily Osment plays. It's is the perfect show to watch after a long day of work when you need a good laugh. Wow, I didn’t think I watched this much TV until I started picking my favorites!

Sarah | @Modarexic
I’m probably not unique when it comes to my Netflix shows. I started Stranger Things on the day it was uploaded and finished it in one weekend. I love its haunting, nostalgic tone and the cast of kids is brilliant! The OA was like Gone Girl-meets-Splash for me, I loved how odd it was. House of Cards had me the second I saw Claire Underwood! She’s so stylish, gorgeous, and cut-throat. Master of None is extremely clever. Last season’s finale completely had my heart. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt leaves me dying too! Also, Friends from College really surprised me. Every episode I was screaming, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

Jana |  @janaisajournalist
I exchanged my Hulu account for my friend’s Netflix account about a month ago so I’m just catching up on all things Netflix. I don’t have a TV and while I appreciate TV streaming services, I honestly don’t want to pay for them. I enjoyed Stranger Things but only watched it way after the season ended because of all the hype. I started watching GLOW because two friends told me I look and act like Alison Brie. Weird reason, I know. Master of None hits home and reminds me of all the totally relatable moments and occurrences that can only happen to someone while living back in New York City.

Nav | @nav_x
Currently, I am hooked on Power. I literally can’t get enough of it because I just love a good crime/drama series. I watched the first three seasons within a week. I also loved How to Get Away With Murder and Pretty Little Liars. Even though the episodes were a little hit and miss, I still couldn't stop watching it.

Marguerite | @margueritebb
I’m the worst person to ask about Netflix recs. I have terrible taste thanks to my love of children’s movies and shows that let my brain melt a little. Currently in the rotation: Gossip Girl, The Office, Trolls, and Kubo and the Two Strings. Go ahead and roll your eyes at me! I can handle it.

Kristen | @kriscloud
As far as OG Netflix Series go, I loved the first season of Master of None. Aziz Ansari’s humor and scripting are so relatable and I really appreciate the genuine diversity of all the characters. Black Mirror is amazing, even though a few of the episodes made me feel physically uncomfortable after watching - but they’re all genius. I also really liked Freaks and Geeks and Stranger Things. There’s something that I love about shows revolving around ‘80s youth - most likely it’s the fashion and lack of social media.

Ali | @seealidee
I’m forever in love with comedian lady bosses Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, so 30 Rock and Parks & Recreation are pretty much constantly on repeat. I’m also into some of the original content Netflix has been producing lately, including the Dave Chappelle stand-up specials and documentaries like Amanda Knox and 13th. Also, I can fully appreciate the genius behind Master of None (all hail Aziz Ansari), but as someone who is also a thirty-something adult trying to navigate the NYC dating scene, it can get a little too real sometimes...

Heejung | @heejungkimm
Watching some good stand-up comedy has been a guilty pleasure of mine on Netflix - Ali Wong, Trevor Noah, etc. Netflix is great because I can play it in the background and listen to shows while I do work - stand-up comedy is just the pick me up I need after a long day.

Zenna |  @pbr.mami
This is tough, I’m always watching something totally different. I’m a huge true crime addict and I thought The Keepers was amazing - it’s so creepy but I love the juxtaposition of investigating historical events in present day. House of Cards is always a favorite, I love how dark and twisted it is and I think it was cast perfectly. If I’m in the mood for something lighter, I think Love is phenomenal as a more indie show that’s really underrated.

Daisy | @pyodaisy
I’m not usually someone who watches too many shows or movies, but I can’t lie and say I don’t watch a few classic episodes of Friends every now and then when I need a good chuckle. A more recent show that I got pretty sucked into at one point was Black Mirror. Each episode stands on its own so you can jump around to any episode you please, but they all have the same underlying concept - the consequences of technology and how it affects our lives. Every single episode is insanely mind-f*cking, oddly relevant, and it really makes you realize how much technology consumes our everyday lives. I’ve had some friends who watched a few episodes and ended up going on a digital detox afterward. Just start with Season 3, Episode 1 and you’ll see what I mean.

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