Our Favorite Swimwear Brands & Where to Shop Them

Author: Monica Kran
07.16 / Style

As a short, slightly curvy and big-bust woman, it’s difficult to find swimsuits. I have yet to find the perfect brand that sells a two piece that fits my 32DDD boobs and small booty! I need advice and I’ve turned to my body positive team for inspiration. Here are some of our favorite swim brands for all shapes and sizes from team MISSBISH!

American Apparel
R.I.P. to American Apparel, but they had my go-to one piece suit.
Monica Kran - @monicasauce

Basic Swim
I have the opposite situation as Monica, I have a big booty and small bewbs. I always end up mixing and matching because I can never find bikini sets that fit me. Basic Swim has dope not-so-basic basics. Their Zip and Skate tops are rad. Their bottoms are a little risqué for me, so I’d match either top with high-wasited bottoms from Beth Richards.
Nicole Fung - @nic0lefung / @thatfoodcray

I have a pretty proportionate body type and am on the smaller side; I also surf. When it comes to swimsuits, I usually look for versatility — something that’ll stay put while I’m surfing and also look cute while I’m chilling on the beach. Roxy fits the bill and hasn’t let me down. Their neoprene suits are cool because it's just like wearing a wetsuit but without all of the extra material.
Jana K. Hoffman - @janaisajournalist

Like Monica, I have big-ish boobs and a small booty, so I literally DREAD looking for a bathing suit that will not only match but support the girls. Being that I have 38DD’s I need a top with support in front and a tie-back closure that I can adjust myself (believe it or not, these are actually hard to find) or it’s a no go. Typically, I end up with a push up bathing suit top because they're the only ones I can find that don't have a pre-set waist tie. As far as bottoms go, I typically grab whatever matches because I’m so over shopping at that point. I tend to find what I need at Aerie!
Serina Guerrero - @ser1naguerrero

Triangl has been my go-to swim brand for the past couple of summers. Since the suits are made out of neoprene, I feel like they always look brand new no matter how many times I wear them and they hug in all of the right places. They have a lot of cute colors and prints to choose from, and their sizing works for me too. It’s nice to be able to pick out a suit online knowing that it’s going to fit perfectly instead of having to try on a bunch of stuff.
Kristen McCloud - @kriscloud

I’m quite small and it’s definitely a struggle to find swimwear that doesn’t sag on me. Minimalist design + monochrome colors are key! While I’m as devastated as Monica about AA being gone, I’ve found other go-tos. Aussie brand Coulbourne makes the absolute perfect basic mix-and-match pieces, and I love Bali-based brand, Akoia Swim, for their crochet swimwear.
Coco Marett - @cocomarett

I’m a BISH made up of beautiful curves, and while I’d love to say I run around in various Mara Hoffman crocheted numbers all summer, that’s certainly not my reality (or my budget). I’m super into cool one-pieces and cut-outs and have found that ASOS has an expansive line of suits that include curvy and petite sizes, and are always on trend at wallet-friendly prices. Plus, with 2-day shipping and free returns, how can you go wrong? (Caveat: Sizes sell out fast, so if you’ve got your eye on something special, be sure to pull the trigger!)
Ali DiEmidio - @ali__die

Victoria's Secret
5’9," itty bitty waist, and Dominican hips… right before Victoria’s Secret announced their swimwear section would be X’d out, I stocked up on a WHOLE LOT of bathing suits. Everything from one pieces and bikinis, to tankini tops and boy short bottoms, etc. To date, I have not been able to wear them all but they are by far my favorite bathing suits that I own.
Angela Fernandez - @angf_

Moana Bikini
I’m definitely on the smaller side boobs-wise, so I’m eternally grateful that it’s not too hard to find cute swimwear. I also prefer minimal booty coverage, so I find the best suits for me tend to come from outside of North America. Moana Bikini has been my go-to for years. They’re an Aussie-based company, and specialize in unlined, seamless 'kinis, so they’re crazy comfortable. They always release sets as well as separates, so it’s pretty easy (I think) to find something perfect for you!
Zenna Wilberg - @pbr.mami

I have, what I think is, a typical athletic build. I have muscular thighs and arms, and a short torso. I also have a pretty big chest -- 34D. Finding bathing suits that don’t reveal too much, don’t add to the size of my boobs, and are cute is definitely a struggle. I almost always dread bathing suit shopping because nothing ever fits the way I want it to. This past summer I picked up six new bathing suits from Target. Yup, Target. They were about $40 USD for top and bottom and are SO CUTE. They support my chest, add shape to my body, and are adorable. The styles range from simple and cute, to cut-out and sexy, to even crocheted styles. I definitely recommend.
Victoria Squirlock - @boostqueen_

Nadia Aboulhosn
As a curvy and plus-size BISH, swim season is the worst. Not because I hate my body or can’t stand trying on suits -- I don’t mind being in a swimsuit anymore and have become comfortable with my size. The dread comes from finding cute swimwear that isn’t available in my size. It feels like I am not allowed to be shopping at popular stores or websites thanks to my proportions. Huge shoutout to the brands who provide suits in a wide range of sizes -- allowing for everyone to find something! Thankfully, inclusivity is becoming more popular. Just a few years back, the only places to find cute plus-size swim were in department stores made for women of an older age. Only one pieces, in boring colors, and created to conceal my body. My favorite brand for swim right now is Nadia Aboulhosn. She just launched her clothing brand earlier this year and it features two swimsuits, a metallic one piece and a sultry high waisted two piece. I know she designs with inclusivity in mind and doesn’t care to cover up bodies that may not fit into typical sizing.
Marguerite Castaneda - @margueritebb

Flagpole swimwear does such a good job with color-blocking in a way that doesn’t make your butt look too big or your boobs too small. I’m not a swimsuit person, but I’ve been eyeing their swimsuits for ages and have set my mind on saving up for them.
Heejung Kim - @heejungkimm

Photo by: Leeor Wild

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