Our Favorite fitBISH Instagram Accounts to Follow for Workout Inspo

Author: Kristen McCloud
01.02 / Fitness

Now that the holidays have passed and the NYE hangovers have (hopefully) subsided, it's time to get back into the swing of things. New Year's Resolutions are notoriously fitness related, which isn't a bad thing, but we all know that it's one thing to bullet point what we plan to do to achieve our dream bod and another to actually work for it. To help you avoid the fitness burnout that you may experience around the end of this month after the "New year, new me!" mindset has worn off, we've compiled a list of our favorite fitness Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration to keep going. Check them out below!

@kirstygodso & mcbarao
Whenever I need a little fitspo, I turn to Nike NTC Master Trainer Kirsty Godso and fitness enthusiast MC Barao. - Nicole, @nicolefung

I love Odette Hughes -- she’s graceful to the point where she makes yoga look like dance. - Coco, @cocomarett

@kayla_itsines@jaderamey@melnasab@ashleyguarrasi @boxingblonde
I love love love Kayla Itsines. She promotes diversity and has great workouts and recipes that aren’t strictly rabbit food. Also Jade Ramey is my girl! She is straight up body goals. There are so many girls that inspire me on IG daily and Melina Nasab, Ashley Guarrasi and Lindsay Coke are great to follow, too! - Monica, @monicasauce

I love Kayla Itsines’ account! She posts a bunch of videos for quick workout ideas, with a combination of “before and after” shots from people that she’s personally trained or have used her BBG (Bikini Body Guide) Program. It’s super inspiring and she gives really great health tips too. It’s a friendly reminder to get up and grind every time I open my IG in the morning. - Sheila Deiz, @sheeels_

@stef_fit @hannaoeberg
I always look at Stefanie Williams and Hanna Öberg. They have some great workouts! - Nav, @nav_x

OG Fitness Guru Cassey Ho from Blogilates! I’m very proud of her and where she has taken her career. And come on, there is not one person who hasn’t seen her workout videos. Miley Cyrus Ab workout anyone? - Heejung, @heejungkimm

Karina Irby is actually #goals. She’s the creator of Moana Bikini and the Bikini Body Burn workout series, so she’s in amazing shape. But she’s also super realistic about cellulite, stretch marks, food cravings etc., and doesn’t retouch her photos. Misty Copeland is also amazing! She’s such a strong athlete and an amazing dancer, and I love seeing those qualities merge in her photos. - Zenna, @pbr.mami

Recently, I’ve been keeping an eye on Gina Marie. She is a superwoman. - Jordana, @jordanasarahterk

Agostina Laneri is AMAZING. I love her posts about inspiration and workout ideas. I have always struggled with knowing what to do once I get to the gym, but Agostina posts great workouts with instructions on form and reps. It really helps keep me focused in the gym because I feel like I have a trainer right there with me to keep me going! - Lindsay Jernigan, @ljernigan