Our Favorite Instagram Accounts for Style Inspo

09.06 / Style

Instagram has become a go-to fashion platform for many. Everyday people have made careers off of showcasing their personal style and some of our favorite celebs use their accounts to give us a closer look at their best outfits. If you're feeling a little burnt out when it comes to your own wardrobe, Instagram is definitely the app to consult. Check out which IG accounts we love to visit for style inspiration and see if any of your favorites have made the list!

Ali DiEmidio | @seealidee
I feel like I find new fashion inspo weekly on Instagram, but my current go-to's are @avanope, @lironeini, @daniesque, @jadecjade, @jan.quammie, and @catwomanissuperrich.

Heejung Kim | @heejungkimm
@double3xposure, @maggieontherocks, and @palomawool. I love effortless, vintage styles!

Jana K. Hoffman | @janaisajournalist
I’m kind of the worst IG user. I generally don’t follow people I don’t know, and I don’t really follow brands. That said, I have to give props to @samiiryan. She’s actually from my hometown in PA, and I interviewed her once upon a time about seven years ago when she was first launching her jewelry line. I know she inspires a lot of girls, is super trendy, and is doing her own thing out here in LA. I think that’s pretty rad.

Marguerite Castaneda | @margueritebb
I must have scrolled miles with my thumb at this point in my life--all thanks to style stalking. My latest obsession is @coco_pinkprincess. She seriously blends classic streetwear and unique Tokyo style effortlessly together, and she’s only six. NBD. I also constantly peep through @tokyofashion, @marissaexplains, @mainaiimura, and @rosavanderhorst!

Nicole Fung | @nic0lefung
My favorite accounts to stalk for style are @akimoto_kozue, a Japanese model and style icon, and @alealimay, stylist and fashion blogger.

Sarah de Brun | @Modarexic
My #1 style Insta account will always be @Karla_Deras. Right behind her… @miacarucci, @traceeellisross, and @badgalriri. They always remind me to stay on top of my game!

Serina Guerrero | @ser1naguerrero
I am seriously on Instagram so much but have never had a “favorite” account to stalk. I typically scroll through my Explore page just to see what’s up. My current go-to's when I am bored though are couples like @jennalyyy and @orcinooo, or @yehme2 and @elizabethsmart. Their sense of style is very intriguing and I like their upkeep.

Zenna Wilberg | @pbr.mami
When it comes to “inspo” on IG I feel like I mostly just follow travel/interior design accounts, so style is kind of a tough one. @uglymely, @allaboutdea, and @jessieandrews are all gems though!  

Photo by: Aleali May

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