Our Top Fashion Collab Picks of 2017

Author: Kristen McCloud
12.26 / Style

Sometimes, two is better than one--and in 2017, that proved to be true more often than not. Some of the world's most infamous brands paired up for collaborative collections this year to show that when two creative powerhouses come together, almost anything is possible. With worldwide Supreme x Louis Vuitton pop-ups shutting down early from selling out to Rihanna's motocross-themed Fenty x PUMA show becoming a highlight of Fashion Week, it's no wonder why many brands are looking to each other for a little help in shaking things up. See some of our favorite collabs from this year below!

sacai x The North Face
My favorite collaboration this year was the sacai x The North Face Fall/Winter collection. I’m obsessed with the bomber jacket. The Alexander Wang x adidas collab was super fun as well and their marketing campaign was amazing. I’m personally not a huge fan of the Supreme x LV drop, but it definitely caught a lot of attention. - Nicole, @nic0lefung

Off-White x NikeLab
Off-White x NikeLab was sick, as well as Sacai x The North Face. Sweetgreen’s collab with Mission Chinese in NY was awesome, too! - Lindsay, @lindsayjang

Quay x Kylie
Quay x Kylie was amazing! The shades they came out with looked great on all face shapes. I can’t get enough of my Purple Honey’s, they complete my outfit in the best way possible. - Monica, @monicasauce

Fenty x PUMA by Rihanna
My favorite collab will always be Fenty x PUMA by Rihanna. Although I can’t get away with most of the clothing, it’s such an innovative line and shows how multidimensional Rihanna’s style is. Also, the Cleated Creeper is my favorite shoe in the world. SO comfy! - Sarah, @Modarexic

Fenty x PUMA will always be at the top of my list because Rihanna is a queen from now until forever. Also, Karl Lagerfeld x VANS was iconic! - Lindsay Jernigan, @ljernigan

I’m going to have to also say Fenty x PUMA by Rihanna. Literally, every piece is something I want/need in my closet. The Marie Antoinette inspired athleisure pieces for her Spring 2017 collection are to die for. - Angela, @angf_

Vans x Karl Lagerfeld
My fave NYC skate/streetwear shop Only NY put out a collab with graffiti artist COST over the summer. I was also stoked about this fall’s Vans x Karl Lagerfeld collab. Unfortunately, the high-top laceless platforms didn’t quite work out for me personally, so I had to return them.  - Jana, @janaisajournalist

Hello Kitty x Lazy Oaf
High-fashion lovers don’t hate me for this, but Sanrio killed the collab game this year. Everywhere I looked they were partnering with a brand and pushing out more and more product--as if they didn’t already have enough to make my bank account weep. My favorite was the Hello Kitty x Lazy Oaf collection. Cutesy prints featuring my girl Hello Kitty on cozy oversized ‘fits? OBVIOUSLY I'M ALL IN. - Marguerite, @margueritebb

Alexander Wang x adidas
Alexander Wang x adidas has to be my favorite of the year (I also got to cop the comfiest sweater from the collection ever) but also, who can forget the Off-White x IKEA collab?! My eyes are still on the “KEEP OFF” rug for my home. - Heejung, @heejungkimm

Alexander Wang x adidas would also have to be one my favorite collabs of the year. Separately, they're two of my favorite designers/brands and they've come up with so many creative campaigns together. Everything they come out with is the perfect blend of laid-back and sporty with high-end and sexy, and I want to buy it all! - Kristen, @kriscloud

Off-White x Warby Parker
Off-White x Warby Parker is hands down one of my favorite collaborations this year. This collaboration went out in about 48 hours or less while only offering 3 styles of the same sunglasses! Though Off-White is usually marked at higher price points, the collaboration managed to keep to Warby Parker’s business model, offering the glasses for $95 USD plus tax. These are gems if you own a pair! - Mia, @miagvarra

Fiorucci x Selfridges Pop-Ups
Less of a collab and more of an epic resurrection, Fiorucci’s pop-up shops in Selfridges Oxford Circle and Barney’s New York before opening the Italian brand’s first flagship store in over 20 years in Soho. - Diandra, @diandrab

Photos by: Fashionology | Nike | Quay | PUMA | Vans | Off-White | adidas Originals | Sanrio

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