Parsons Alum Angela Luna Aims to Aid Global Refugees with Her Designs

Author: Makeda Sandford
05.27 / Style

The idea of futuristic fashion has made way to innovative looks throughout the decades, but the masterful combination of functionality and runway has yet to be fully unlocked. One Parsons alum, Angela Luna, took on the challenge in her graduating presentation at this year's Parsons Benefit showcase. The Boston native took home accolades for her highly functional designs, but the inspiration behind the clothing is what really won hearts over.

With the recent stories of many refugees' travels and tribulations in mind, Luna designed a modern, floor-length cape that she transformed into a tent before the eyes of students, judges and guests at the showcase. Suddenly, her innovative designs were the star of the show, with her front and center. The collection also includes an inflatable, flotation jacket. Luna went home with the Womenswear Designer of the Year award, and an Innovation award from Eyes on Talents, a creative digital platform.

Although the unique cape designs are not an end-all fix to the struggles Syrian, Iraqi, Afghan and others worldwide face, they will allow displaced travelers shelter while withstanding intense environments, all while staying just as noticeable and camouflaged with her specially chosen color palette. Luna plans to build a clothing line dedicated to helping fix issues people face around the globe, with an important element of giving back the proceeds to efforts on the ground. This show-stopping presentation was just the beginning for the young designer, as Luna will take on on a 2-year masters degree program to learn the business enterprise element to fashion at Amsterdam Fashion Institute before taking on another social complication that fashion might just be able to fix. Take a look at her innovative designs above!

Source: Fashionista

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