Peep John Legend & Chrissy Teigen’s Life on the Road With Airbnb

Author: Kristen McCloud
06.26 / Lifestyle

Ever wonder what some of your favorite celebs do during their downtime when they're not performing? Power couple John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have given us a peek into their lives on the road while Legend takes off on his domestic tour.

With their daughter Luna on board, finding a comfortable home-away-from-home is a priority for the Legends. The decision is always made easy, as the couple turns to Airbnb to find the perfect accommodations along every step of the way.

While in Nashville, Chrissy -- famous for her talent in the kitchen and obsession with tiny food -- found the perfect spices in their Airbnb's kitchen to make some good old fashioned southern meals for Luna while John performed in the country music capital. After the excitement of Luna throwing the first pitch at a baseball game during their stop in Seattle, the Legends were also able to enjoy the beautiful skyline from their estate, and Chrissy got to sneak away to the in-home sauna for some much needed "me" time. The family even found some free time to relax together during Legend's stop in Kansas City, where they were able to hang out by their estate's private pool before John's performances.

Even if your plans aren't quite as big as embarking on a national tour; vacations, business trips, and even quick weekend getaways can be just as stressful. The Legends teamed up with Airbnb to show us that no matter where you are or what you're doing, you can never underestimate a nice spot to come home to.

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