Runner, Christine “Pretty-Moon” Panther Partners With Nike to Share Her Story

Author: Zenna Wilberg
08.25 / Fitness

Runner Christine "Pretty-Moon" Panther has teamed up with Nike, sharing her story of overcoming incredible obstacles to become a runner.

As a child, Pretty-Moon was involved in a serious car accident, which left her severely injured and in Intensive Care. She had suffered injuries to her organs, but also later found her lower spine was almost completely broken. After immediate spinal surgery, she began working at regaining her ability to walk, play, and run.

"Today, I am overwhelmed with gratitude when I look back at my personal journey. To me, running is a gift. Running the world is not something I take lightly. It was not by strength or by might but by spirit that I was able to grow through this experience to become the tenacious visionary woman and runner I am today," she shares.

Check out her collaboration with Nike above!

Photos by: David Zhsu

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