Indie Beauty Trends | Our Favorite Products from Indie Beauty Expo LA

We attended Indie Beauty Expo LA this past week to check out the latest trends on the indie beauty scene. Here are some of our favorite finds. Products for your lady parts Radical feminine self-care is here and it’s luxurious, revolutionary, and

02.11 / Beauty

Street Art, Murals and More with Emily Eldridge

Artist and illustrator, Emily Eldridge has marked her place in the world with her bright and vibrant art murals. Her street artwork i

01.08 / MB Series

Read Between the Lines with Shantell Martin

Our newest MISSBISH Shantell Martin is a British artist who creates stories with her unique linear style. This year, Shantell launched her debut collection with PUMA; the collection features select PUMA classic styles embellished with the artist's strong visuals. Learn more about th

12.28 / MB Series

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