Flashback Fridays with Chrissy Bisi aka @COMETWEST

How has your work/professional life changed since we last spoke to you? My career has changed drastically. I am now a designer at YouTube, working on the music team. I get to incorporate my photography with music and it is truly a dream. What's the biggest difference you

01.18 / MB Series

Learning About Self Love Through Music | Emma Blackery

Content creator, singer/songwriter, author; our newest MISSBISH Emma Blackery pretty much rocks in each of these categories. She recently released her single "Agenda" which is about self-love, jealousy and comparing oneself to others, is a YouTuber and lastly, she wrote a book about

01.04 / MB Series

MISSBISH Artist to Watch | Hale

As a performing musician, you are expected to give your all under any circumstance. This obstacle falls under the topic of mental health, which is not often discussed openly in the music industry. We spoke with musician

12.26 / MB Series

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