Ready to Take 2017 By the Bliss Balls? Do the RASA Challenge and Make This YOUR Year

Author: Mia Rigden
01.01 / Food & Drink

There’s something cathartic about throwing stuff away—old clothes, magazines, boyfriends; it just feels good to get rid of things that are no longer of use to you.

The same applies to your body, when you clean it up you can start fresh: clear out all of the clutter in your mind, the late-night pizza hanging onto your love handles, the French fries clogging your pores—just get rid of it.

Ok, that sounds awesome, but how the F do I “clean it up?" A juice cleanse, eat only apples for 5 days, starve? No way, girlfriend. Those all sound terrible and not even remotely sustainable.

The RASA Challenge is a 21 day whole foods elimination diet developed to clean up your body and your mind, change your relationship with food, curb cravings, create healthier habits, and find a diet that suits your unique biological makeup and lifestyle. Basically, a game changer.

They say one person’s medicine is another’s poison, and it is SO true. We’re all different; we have different DNA, different upbringings, and different daily routines. The key to optimal health is finding what works for you, not what works for someone else.

So, what is an elimination diet? An elimination diet omits foods that people are most commonly sensitive to—gluten, dairy, sugar, shellfish, alcohol, caffeine, etc. Many of us are plagued with food intolerances that we aren’t even aware of. Unlike allergies, which are an immune reaction, intolerances are a digestive issue with symptoms that have various levels of intensity and are often delayed—fatigue, bloating, inflammation, brain fog, skin issues, snoring...sound familiar?

What can I eat? Simple: a smoothie for breakfast, a hearty protein-rich lunch, an afternoon shake, and soup for dinner. A strong focus on protein, healthy fats, and slow burning carbs provides much-needed energy for your daily hustle while supporting fat loss and muscle growth.

What else can I expect? You can expect to feel like a freaking rock star: lose unwanted weight, clear your skin, decrease stress, feel more energetic and productive. As a byproduct of all this awesomeness, you will improve your relationships, your career, your confidence, and so much more.

The RASA Challenge is $45 USD and includes a guide with details on how/what to do, shopping lists, recipes, daily emails with health tips, and unlimited email access to ask me all of your burning questions.

And the food? There are plenty of smoothie spots, salad bars, and more if you want to grab something on the fly—or just make it! Whether you like to cook or not, it’s the only way to truly know what’s in your food. Making your own food will help you to easily continue some of your new healthy habits after your 21 days are complete. And who knows, maybe you will unleash your inner Barefoot Contessa.

Start 2017 on the right foot. #TheRASAChallenge—let’s do this BISHES!! Sign up now!