Record-Breaking Hula Hooper Marawa Wamp Creates the Perfect Travel Hoop

Author: Kristen McCloud
11.24 / Fitness

Marawa Wamp is a world record-holding hula hoop master, who also happens to have an online store for all of your hooping needs. The Hooper Market sells both apparel and hula hoops for anyone, whether you're a beginner or seasoned hooper. Wamp's latest product is her Ultimate Travel Hoop, perfect for girls on the go.

"I spent nearly 2 years making this hoop and I am so happy with it!" Wamp gushes. "I designed the connectors and hoop tubing - the hoop is 36" in diameter - that is the normal size of an adult size hoop, perfect for a strong core workout but conveniently packs up to half the size for easy travel or storage! Just twist and fold!"

Wamp used this hoop to break three world records: most hoops suspended in the air, fastest mile whilst hooping, and fastest 100 meters whilst hooping.

You can get this hoop, along with the rest of Wamp's hooping products, online at If you're looking for a fun new fitness routine, you can also check out the video below for Wamp's 5-minute hoop workout.

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