REHAB Online Mag x MISSBISH Presents: DJ Red Corvette of More Vibes

DJ Red Corvette has a soulful but energetic sound and that, met with her killer style and sass, is why we love this Bay Area beauty. The latest in the REHAB x MISSBISH series, get familiar with Dj Red Corvette in the interview below and don't sleep on the exclusive mix she made below.

How would you describe your sound?
My sound is a reflection of my style, infused with the time period that I fell in love with music and beyond. I tend to play a mix of Bay Area slaps with current hits, along with a mix of hip-hop, progressive trap, soul, electronic and R&B. I love to keep R&B in my mixes because it’s a genre that people can still groove to.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences and why?
I have always been influenced by 90’s hip-hop and R&B. Hip-Hop had matured in the 90’s and also exposed some of the best lyricists, chick groups, and southern classics. Lil Kim and Erykah Badu are also musical influences. Not only was Hard Core one of the first rap albums I listened to, Kim told some of the best stories and made the industry respect her raunchy raps. Badu has such a beautiful, unique voice and spoke to me as a big sister. She seems like she is such a beautiful woman and knows so much about the world. Lastly, I love CASH MONEY, the original Cash Money Millionaires.

Also, congrats on the Guilty Pleasures mix.Why is it important to work with other females in the music industry?

It's really important that women continue to collaborate together because we are usually pinned against each other instead of working beside each other. Women are some of the hardest working people in any industry and things don’t come easy to us so we must constantly support one another. Look out for the Guilty Pleasure Party (shameless plug).

“It's really important that women continue to collaborate together because we are usually pinned against each other instead of working beside each other.”

What are some of your Guilty Pleasures?
I am addicted to Hershey’s Cookies and Cream bars (although my eating schedule doesn’t allow it). Traveling is another guilty pleasure. I love to experience and learn about the many people all over the world, it’s such a breathtaking experience. I also style stalk people like all things Saint Heron, Style by Ada, Charamon of Her Favorite, and Jerry Lorenzo. That’s how I stay current with the trends. I have many more but I will end with SNEAKERS. I am a Nike girl all the way. I love the comfort and how much of an innovative company Nike is.

How does the Bay influence your sound?
Bayarians are always looking for a good time, so when I spin I’m always looking for the people that are dancing and moving rather than holding up the wall. The Bay makes me feel good and is attentive to the beat of a song and I just love how much the Bay Area appreciates the classics.

Your look is as eclectic as your taste in music - tell us about what inspires your style...

I have always been a tomboy wearing over-sized clothes. I wanted to dance for Aaliyah, TLC, and Missy Elliot, who all have that “Sexy Tomboy” steez. When I got older, I discovered I had nice body so I mixed and matched my girly-ness with my favorite oversized pieces. My grandmother, who is the best thrift shopper in the world, and my Aunt, who still recreates her look everyday, are the roots of my style references.

What’s the most rewarding thing about working in music?
I finally feel like I found a career in an industry that I enjoy working in. Granted I am not at the level that I want to be, I have the full potential to be one of the biggest DJs beside all the greats. Getting a raise as an entrepreneur is the same as any job/career and I wouldn’t trade in my freedom for anything. Although most times I don’t know where my projects are going or how they can boost my career, I know that my rewards are coming in ways that are unimaginable. You have to put in the work to keep receiving rewards.

What are the top 3 tracks you’re listening to right now?
1. Kayne West - "Highlights"
2. Kamaiyah- "Swing My Way"
3. IAMNOBODI - "Luther’s Joint"

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
MISSBISH means that I am that BISH and no one can stop me.

Photos by: Vanessa Vigil | Styling: Ariel Herschopf  | Website: REHAB

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