Riccardo Tisci Talks Nike & Making Moves in the Fashion Industry

Author: Jana K. Hoffman
10.13 / Style

In a recent interview with GQ, Riccardo Tisci talks Nike and making big moves in the fashion industry. Following his Givenchy exit eight months ago, the designer has kept a pretty low-key profile. That is, until now.

His exclusive Nike x NBA collection has recently dropped, and the success of it will likely set the tone for what's to come. According to Tisci, his inspiration for the collection's mascot, the minotaur, isn't so out of the ordinary. Tisci grew up with eight sisters and always wished he had a brother. The imaginary brother was a minotaur. Tisco mentions that the minotaur finds its way into his designs every so many years.

By now you might be wondering what's in store for Tisci next. He keeps a tight lip by noting he'll be back in 2018. With what? He doesn't say so you'll just have to sit tight until he finishes his much-earned holiday.

Source: GQ

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