Rihanna’s Personal Chef Spills on What it’s Like to Cook For Her

03.02 / Food & Drink

Rihanna stacks projects and switches things up regularly, so it’s no surprise that her meals would be just as unpredictable. Luckily for Riri’s personal chef, Debbie Solomon, chaos never boils over in the kitchen.

Solomon has worked with the RiRi for four years and quickly realized she couldn’t approach cooking for her like other clients. Solomon consulted Rihanna’s mom to understand her food preferences, which consist of Barbadian and Guyanese dishes.She revealed to Bon Appetit that Rihanna is a “moody eater.” She says,"I would send in a menu on a Sunday or Monday and they would pick for the week, and then I'd be able to shop and prep, but this is nothing like that. We don't know what we're gonna want to eat tomorrow, so why even pick today?"

However, Rihanna does have consistent favorites like pasta and veggies and she also packs spices, like cumin and curry, with her on her travels - we aren’t mad at those on-the-fly customizations. With Solomon’s help, Rihanna eats as good as she looks.

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