Riverdale Lili Reinhart Shares Beauty Tips With Vogue

Author: Jana K. Hoffman
06.26 / Beauty

Twenty-one-year-old Riverdale star Lili Reinhart is the BFF you wish you had. She's a star whose realness comes through on her social media platforms as she openly talks about her anxiety and acne. But none of that seems apparent in her new beauty video for Vogue. Reinhart takes to the mirror to give us a perfectly gorgeous and glowy no-makeup makeup look, which starts out with a side of Chinese takeout. As she goes through her steps, Reinhart mentions that she breaks out all of the time, whether she's filming or not. She also dishes on her favorite eyeshadow shade right now.

From foundation to her finishing touches, watch Reinhart get ready — and then eat fried wontons before signing off.


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