Ruby Rose Covers The Hundreds Fall/Winter 2015 Magazine

Author: Coco Marett
09.16 / Style

The Hundreds Magazine has a gift, a kind of sixth sense, for predicting the next big thing. Especially when it comes to influential women. After all, the prescient publication was the first to feature Rita Ora on the cover – same goes for Azealia Banks – and were perhaps the first stateside company to give Ruby Rose the time of day back in 2010 when she was a VJ on MTV Australia.

A guest spot on Orange is the New Black and 5 million followers later, the babe who had girls all over the world questioning their sexuality is now a bona fide star.

“It’s not enough that the subject is pin-up material. We’re also honing in on a figure who is impacting culture, of The Hundreds’ world, and relevant to our readership,” says Bobby Hundreds, co-founder of The Hundreds. “So when it came time to electing our Fall/Winter 2015 cover girl, we turned inwards and nominated one of our own. That’s right, the inimitable Ruby Rose.”

Check out some of Bobby’s favorite photos of Ruby Rose from the shoot above (spoiler alert, they're f*cking stunning), and pick up your copy of The Hundreds Magazine here.

Source: The Hundreds 


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