S10 Training Founder, Stephen Cheuk Brings House of Matcha to New York

Author: Caitlin Cheng
06.22 / Food & Drink

Stephen Cheuk, MRBISH and founder of S10 Training in NYC, has got an amazing project up his sleeve, and this time, it's all about matcha. An antioxidant powerhouse that's rich in fiber & vitamins, the green tea powder also helps boost metabolism, detoxify and relax the body, enhance mood, lower cholesterol and blood sugar, and prevent diseases. With so many incredible health benefits, matcha is the ultimate health food. Yet, finding good quality matcha is no easy feat in the States - until now.

Introducing House of Matcha, Cheuk, a self-proclaimed matcha enthusiast, combines his passion for fitness & nutrition, and his incredible eye for design to bring a new line of ceremonial grade green tea to NYC. Sourced from a Kyoto farm that's been growing tea for 11 years, the product is packaged at its freshest in air-sealed containers, which are beautifully designed by none other than Cheuk himself.

Starting at $39 USD, three different matcha blends — including a unique cold brew formulation — are currently on offer online at House at Matcha.

Source: Cool Hunting