See What Japanese Vintage Shop is Now Releasing Archival Fashion Books

Author: Zenna Wilberg
12.14 / Style

One of Tokyo's most-loved vintage shops, Laila, is launching a new site that will retail archival fashion printed books, magazines, and more.

Laila's director, Hideo Hashiura, opened the boutique fifteen years ago, to provide vintage lovers with pristine pieces from iconic labels. Now, he and his cofounder have created, a site to retail retro fashion prints. It will feature items like Comme des Garçons’s Six magazine, and a limited set on Raf Simons' older designs. Hasher says, "The styles Raf Simons made have a profound influence on contemporary fashion. At the same time, it’s because of our shared fascination with Raf Simons’s clothes that we joined together to make these archive books in the first place."

Source: Vogue

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