#ShePlaysWeWin Campaign Motivates Young Girls in Sports

Author: Caitlin Cheng
08.05 / Fitness

In a world of unrealistic and confusing standards of beauty and femininity, young girls too easily become vulnerable to low self-esteem and feelings of self-doubt. However, LA-based photographer Christin Rose believes in changing all of that. Leading the "She Plays, We Win" campaign, an incredible photojournalistic project that’s celebrating the confidence and strength in young female athletes, Rose hopes to expel those thoughts of uncertainty early on. Instead, she wants to focus on the remarkable potential and talent that drives these young girls. A collection of stories and triumphs of young female athletes aged 7 to 14, the campaign blossomed as Rose’s passion project and has grown to become a social movement that’s inspiring young girls everywhere to pursue their dreams and their love for sports, all while building each other up in a positive competitive environment.

"It's so incredibly important to highlight these young women now before they even get to an age when they can question themselves," Rose says. "If we create more images like these it will inevitably increase self-esteem for young women."

The movement is all about showing how "strength is beautiful,  perseverance is power, and confidence is super cool." And that's exactly what Rose highlights in her photographs, which capture the fearless nature and fiery passion that these MINIBISHes possess. The images beautifully champion all the qualities of a young female athlete that the campaign advocates for; they show the makings of strong and independent young women that will one day inspire the next generation of talented, young girls.

Scroll through the gallery above to see the inspiring images from the photo series, and to learn more about this movement, check out their website and be sure to spread the #ShePlaysWeWin message!

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