Slick Woods Opens Up About Modeling, Addictions & Working With Rihanna

Author: Zenna Wilberg / Photos: Jason Kibbler
05.02 / Style

In a new interview with Glamour, Slick Woods opened up about her modelling career, overcoming addiction, and working with the likes of Rihanna and Marc Jacobs.

The model has become well known for her edgy style, and has walked the runway for YEEZY, Helmut Lang, and more. She revealed that her mom is her role model, and also discussed her past as an addict. Slick added that she's passionate and cares a lot, saying, "For black women, we get this label of being ‘angry black women’ a lot, [so] I wanted to shed a little more light on it. I’m aggressive and I might be a little violent. I might cry. I might yell at you, because I care. I care a lot, and I want to get my point across. And I think that’s what I have brought to the fashion industry: a beautiful struggle."

Check out her full interview at Glamour!

Source: Hypebae

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