Snapchat Launches New Snap Map Update

Author: Zenna Wilberg
06.22 / Tech

Snapchat is introducing an innovative new feature which allows you to see where your friends are, and where major events are taking place across the globe.

Called Snap Map, the entirely new screen shows where your friends are if they have Snapchat open. However, it's important to note you can choose to go into "Ghost Mode" if you don't want to be seen. Additionally, you can decide which friends can see your location, or allow all of them.

Snap Map also shows where the most Snaps are being submitted via the collaborative "Our Story," so that you can see where major events are happening. Heat locations show where numerous Snaps are coming from -- the redder the location, the more Snaps. Snap Map also allows users to gain a broader global view since Stories from around the world are now easily accessible.

Snap Map is available now via the updated app. Check out the instructional video above and let us know what you think of the latest feature!