Social Supply x GuavaPass x MISSBISH “Summer Sweat” in Shanghai

Author: Caitlin Cheng
06.14 / Fitness

Last weekend, MISSBISH partnered up with Social Supply and GuavaPass to host an exclusive full-day fitness event, “Summer Sweat,” in Shanghai. With the help from our favorite ladies at PUMA, and the team at DOE and Urban Look magazine, "Summer Sweat" was just the way to get the ladies in Shanghai excited about everything health, fitness, food, and fashion. GuavaPass also brought in premier fitness studio SuperModelFit to take the lead in hosting a fun day of back-to-back classes. From yoga to a non-aerobic “Body Sculpt” class to high-intensity interval training, the classes were perfect to get us sweating in the summer while looking and feeling good!

Come Saturday, naked HUB on Tianxing Road was buzzing with exciting energy as music pumped throughout the two-story creative space. The rooftop deck was laid out with 60+ colorful yoga mats and featured a glorious line of snacks and beverages to keep everyone energized throughout the day - breakfast food from EGG, fresh poké bowls by Little Catch, Real Coco coconut water, and more - the options were endless.

Kicking the event off was BOSSBISH Lindsay Jang, who taught a 60-minute Hatha flow class focusing on heart-opening and backward bending. Once everyone got a good stretch in, we moved onto the next class: SMF’s Body Sculpt, which toned up our muscles and firmed up that bod for the summer. Meanwhile downstairs inside the glass-box office rooms, Registered Nutrition Consultant Jacqueline Zhan Fraise from FS Juice held a health & wellness education session, teaching eager fitness-fanatics all about how to detox and retox, and more.

Next, we moved onto the SMF Super Butt class. And if anyone didn’t work up a good sweat in the last two classes, even in the Shanghai humidity, they most certainly did after Super Butt, a high-intensity circuit class that called for squats, lunges and a whole lot of jumping. Finally, we ended our day of fitness with SMF's Animal Flow class.

Needless to say, we were all pretty exhausted by the end of the last class. With the sun setting against the Shanghai city skyline, we enjoyed the rest of our evening networking at a casual meet & greet session and, of course, treating ourselves to a much-deserved happy hour (thanks Bottles XO, Thomas Henry, and Mate Mate)!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support and who helped make the first-ever "Summer Sweat" event absolutely amazing! We had a blast and we loved seeing all you ladies - and the token few MRBISHes - get together as a community motivated to feel good, look good, and eat well in Shanghai. Be sure to scroll through the gallery above and check out the highlights from the event!

Will MISSBISH be coming to your city? Check this space to find out what's in store for MISSBISH and our partners!

Photos by: Alex Maeland