Levi’s Invited us to Party with Solange, Chance the Rapper & Snoop Dogg

Author: Alex Lendrum
10.11 / Style

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of its iconic Trucker Jacket, denim staple Levi's threw together, oh you know... just some small time bash. Not much happened really, just a crowd of high profile influencers, an epic DJ set by the legendary Snoop Dogg in which he played his own damn songs (and rapped to them too while passing out blunts to the audience), followed by a mesmerizing performance by the ever-gracious Solange, and ended on a high note with Chance the Rapper outdoing himself on stage. No big deal though, right?

Wrong. We're still buzzing from it all and it happened a few days ago now! Walking into the secret location tucked away in Hollywood somewhere, we had to go through the usual barricade of tight-knit security. Once in, we were greeted with hors-d'oeuvres that looked more like little pieces of art than food (we still don't remember what we ate, but it was good, let that be known), and before we could even take in the whole space, we were funneled off to the right where sets of tables with jackets stacked high lay before us. Turns out, you could pick up a free Levi's Trucker Jacket from the myriad of styles the brand had to offer, and then get it customized on site–not a bad start at all.

Then it was straight to the open bar for cocktails or beer, which made it all the more easier to rub shoulders with the likes of Karlie Kloss, CL, Diplo, Kelis, Don C, Jus†ice, Adam DeVine, Chloe Bridges, Regina King, KAYTRANADA, Irene Kim, Vanness Wu and Romee Strijd to name but a few. Everyone was there to pay tribute to the aforementioned Trucker Jacket, which was up on display against a captivating mural framework that held different creative iterations uniquely designed by the 50 icons Levi's had enlisted to help keep the heritage alive.

Photography by: Aaron Miller