Solange Launched a Saint Heron Concept Shop & Gallery to Celebrate Its Five Year Anniversary

Author: Angela Fernandez / Photos: Saint Heron
10.09 / Art

Saint Heron celebrates its five year anniversary by launching multiple projects. The creative art space, concept gallery, and shop called Small Matter are all creations from Solange and co-curator Armina.

Check out what the editors had to say below.


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This October marks the five year anniversary of Saint Heron and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate our birthday by launching our new Saint Heron Dossier and new gallery/shop concept “Small Matter” ! The Saint Heron team is filled with an abundance of gratitude for you all coming along with us on the ride and for all of your continuous support. Saint Heron was birthed five years ago out of the need to create our own platform where the connectivity with a like minded tribe could flourish and exist. We are nothing with out you and this community, and we are so appreciative for you and this journey. As an independent company we have learned so much along the way, and we thank you for allowing us the space to evolve and grow with us. Saint Heron was and is still purely about building the community in which we want to see exist and experience through engagement with art, music, and collaboration, and we look forward to expanding and continuing to build upon this ethos. As we transition into a dossier, creative art space, and gallery, our content will reflect this change but our core staples and features: Jams of The Month, Roll Back Say That, and The List will remain in full effect! We launch with incredible contributions from Jungle Pussy and Tyler the Creator. We are also excited about our fall lineup of features on artist, artisans, stories, writers, and designers we believe are the past, present, and future disciples aligned with the revolution of the places where art can take us ! We kick things off with a special video piece and interview with Jazz Pioneer Pianist, “Cooper-Moore”. We hope that you enjoy this new stream of progression from us, and can not express our thanks to you for truly making Saint Heron the community we’ve dreamed about being apart of ! Endless love and gratitude- SH Special thanks to the web design team: Nick Guzman, Armina Mussa, Golam Dostogir, and Megan Tatem.

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Source: I-D.VICE

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