Staying True & Authentic With Julissa Bermudez

Author: Angela Fernandez

"Stay authentic" is what our newest MISSBISH, Julissa Bermudez lives by. This Latina is all about positive vibes and staying true to yourself while living your best life. We're sure you've seen Julissa before, she's hosted MTV shows such as Jersey Show: After Hours, BET's 106 & Park, and currently hosts Yahoo Celebrity all while sharing beauty tips and tricks with her followers on Instagram. Check out Julissa's full interview with MISSBISH below!

Last September, you played a sassy Latina in the TV film Ringside, do you have any upcoming acting projects that you can share with us?
At the moment I'm focusing on my hosting career. Acting for me is always fun when a project comes along that gets me excited about a role. Although acting started off as my passion (I studied theater while growing up in NYC) I am loving my current hosting jobs.

You currently work as a host for Yahoo Celebrity, an online entertainment and celebrity news source. How do you manage to keep certain aspects of your private life separate while you're in the public eye?
Honestly, I don't find it too difficult because I don't really think that people care! Haha. Nowadays it seems as if you have to be scandalous or in a relationship that has something salacious to it. I'm just not that person, so it's easy to stay out of the headlines in that regard.

“Although acting started off as my passion (I studied theater while growing up in NYC) I am loving my current hosting jobs."

Social media plays a huge role in marketing a brand, how has social media helped you? What are some positives and negatives of branding yourself on social media?
I joined social media pretty late... well, at least Instagram. I'm glad I decided to get on the social media train, it's truly the way of the world. Now a lot of the opportunities that come my way are because of my social media engagement, which is a positive thing. The flip side is that people have the liberty to essentially bully you, talk down to you, or form whatever opinion of you based off of what they "like" and don't like according to your posts.

You were born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Queens, NY. What challenges, if any, have you overcome while living here in America while being a Latina?
I think I've overcome--and continue to overcome--stereotypes that people have of Latinas in this country, which can be very negative sometimes. The current climate in America and the messages that are being communicated aren't the most favoring of "immigrants," so that's hard when you are just trying to thrive in a country that you love, have been raised in, and is all you know.

Finish the sentence:

I can never leave home without… my phone.

The best advice I have ever been given was… stay authentic.

My comfort food is… pizza.

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
MISSBISH for me is definitely an inspiring woman who relentlessly goes after her passions in life.

Who is your MISSBISH and why?
SO many! But definitely Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek, they have done so much for Latina women and all while looking amazing!

Photos by: Christina Choi

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