Straight/Curve Documentary | Plus-Size Models Redefine Beauty Standards

Author: Udit
07.04 / Lifestyle

"We have a problem. I know beautiful women that are size zero and naturally born that way, but to say that's the only beauty to be showcased is not okay," says model Leah Kelley. We live in a world where the ideal vision of beauty has been modified by commercialism, and today, plus-size models are setting out to correct this wrong.

Straight/Curve, is a documentary that will debut next Fall 2016. It follows models, photographers, editors and stylists as they look deeper into the topic of whether size zero will remain the norm. "Brands are scared to have larger women in their clothes. Sample sizes just don't come in plus-sizes and that is a problem."

Watch the trailer above and let us know your thoughts on how you feel about today's standards of beauty.

Source: Mashable

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