‘Supreme Copies’ Author/Founder Enlightens Supreme Fans With His New Book

The Supreme fan base continues to grow, with die-hards and new fans coming together to support the major streetwear label. Avid followers of the brand know that Supreme draws much of its inspiration from past designs, clothing labels, and sometimes art. Instagram account @surpreme_copies is one of the leading sources for inspirations behind the brand's designs.

In a recent interview, @supreme_copies unveiled details about the upcoming release of their book, "Supreme Copies." They mentioned that their insight comes from a lot of research, as well as from their dedicated followers.

When speaking about the legality of all the references in the book, @supreme_copies stated that many designs from their archive won't be included in order to keep the book at an affordable price. The book is set to include full color pages of reference photos, Supreme pieces, and interviews.

Finally, when speaking of how they felt about Supreme's credibility after finding so many design references, they stated,

"Art is art. Clothing is a medium just like any art. In the words of the great Picasso (who was actually at reference this season), “Good artists copy, great artists steal."

View some of the imagery from @supreme_copies' upcoming book above. 'Supreme Copies' will be available this May on Amazon.

Source: Hypebeast

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