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#CommitToYou in MISSBISH Apparel | Lindsay Jang

We recently launched our #CommitToYou campaign, and what gets me the most excited about it, is how us females are able to articulate what it means to serve ourselves. To live our best lives. To succeed and progress without guilt. I struggle daily with what to prioritize, what to choose between, what

02.05 / #CommitToYou

Letter from Lindsay | Sharing is Caring

The phrase, "sharing is caring," has been one I have always lived by; I suppose I have to credit my parents for making that the norm in my life from the beginning. I have never understood the personal philosophy of hoarding information, contacts, friends, food, etc. The world, your personal environm

08.30 / Lifestyle

3 Reasons To Get Turnt-Upside Down

We've all seen the impressive photos of the yogi balancing on her hands, elbows, head, or all of the above, and assumed that that would never be something to attempt for fear of breaking one's neck or just because it looks impossible. Well, the truth is, you don't have to master 

12.03 / Fitness

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