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What You Missed in our Slack Session: Green Queens in the Cannabis Industry

The MISSBISH Slack Community gathers once a month to our Slack Sessions, where you can talk to women in various industries from around the wor


Put Yourself First | Join Our #CommitToYou MISSBISH Slack Session

Committing to yourself is not an easy feat. It is a continuous journey, takes time, and looks different for everyone. Having the support of other women and learning from them makes it so much easier to manage, which is exactly what the MISSBISH Slack community is all about. For

02.27 / Lifestyle

Letter from Lindsay | Sharing is Caring

The phrase, "sharing is caring," has been one I have always lived by; I suppose I have to credit my parents for making that the norm in my life from the beginning. I have never understood the personal philosophy of hoarding information, contacts, friends, food, etc. The world, your personal environm

08.30 / Lifestyle

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