Take Your Skin on Vacation Every Day With Summer Fridays | Meet the Founders Lauren & Marianna

Author: Kristen McCloud / Photos: Summer Fridays
08.13 / MB Series

Luxe skincare with a guilt-free ingredient list is the wave of the future, and Lauren and Marianna of Summer Fridays are taking full advantage of it. Their cruelty-free and vegan skincare line caters to your skin's needs - including their infamous Jetlag Mask which keeps you feeling great no matter where you're jet-setting to or coming home from. Read on for our interview with Lauren and Marianna, and learn about their top tips for taking care of your skin!

Can you give us a little background on yourselves? How did you get into skincare?
M: We have literally tried every product out there and had never found the perfect mask, so we decided to make one ourselves. Since we are always on the go and never have time for indulgent beauty treatments, we wanted to create something that could make you look and feel great in under 5 minutes.

We got into skincare because blogging has been the ultimate education — sometimes you’ll get sent a product and it just doesn’t deliver on its hype. We wanted to create a mask that really works.

L: We believe in self-care and taking care of you first. Summer Fridays allows you to indulge in some solo time — if even only for a few minutes. We have both tried so many different products from years of blogging, and we felt the perfect mask was missing — we wanted to create something clean, effective, and cool.

Where does the name Summer Fridays come from?
M: We all love that Summer Friday feeling, so we wanted to make it happen for your skin, anytime and year-round.

L: Is there anything happier than a summer Friday?! We wanted to give you that magical feeling all year long.

What makes Summer Fridays different from other skincare brands?
M: We're clean and still effective all while being cool and in touch with our communities.

L: We’re luxe skincare with good-for-you ingredients and quick results. You don’t need 90-minutes for a facial or $90 for a fancy product. We created this for the girl on-the-go craving fast results. Our tube is travel-friendly, which is perfect for all of our busy-bees who need some mega hydration from our Jet Lag mask!

What's your favorite Summer Fridays product and why?
M: Jet Lag mask fits into our lifestyle so well. We are multitaskers who need a product that does it all for us. We can use it anytime and anywhere. Plus it makes our skin glow!!

L: I love the chestnut extract in our Jet Lag mask — you won’t find it in a lot of products, and it lightly exfoliates your skin so all of the hydrating ingredients can really go to work.

What are your golden rules for skincare?
M: Never go to sleep without washing your skin. And its never too soon to start taking care of your skin.

L: Never skip a night without washing your face and drink tons of water!

What are some of your skincare essentials?
M: Jet Lag Mask, water and lots of sleep.

L: Fresh soy cleanser, Kopari toner, and RMS beauty lip + cheek tint.

How do you feel skincare and skincare products have evolved as of late and where do you see them going in the future?
M: Consumers are savvy as ever. Thanks to all the information on the internet, they are so well educated about products, ingredients, and choices. They know what they want, what they don't and what they are willing to put on their skin. We're in a great time where consumers are open to trying new brands and helping to create cult favorites.

We see the future being even more intertwined with our customers as part of the brand.

L: I think there’s a big focus on using products with a clean ingredients list — no parabens, sulfates, or synthetic dyes. We all want to feel good about what we’re putting on our skin, and we have our own “absolute no” list we follow when formulating our products.

We are so connected to our consumers on social media, and we personally interact with them multiple times a day — I think this is the present and the future — it’s about more than a product now, and we love creating a community of users who can directly tell us what they want in skin care — we take that to the lab and work on creating products our consumers are specifically asking for. It takes the guessing out.

What's next for Summer Fridays? Any exciting projects that you can tell us about?
M: We're working on our next launch, stay tuned!

L: We are currently working on more products but we’re keeping the details a secret!

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