Technology May Soon Live on Your Skin

Author: Heejung Kim
07.22 / Tech

Scientists are getting closer to getting wearable technology as indistinguishable from the skin as possible. In a recent paper published in Nature Nanotechnology, researchers at the University of Tokyo show the process behind creating electronics that can be worn on the skin for more than a week without physical damage.

Scientist Takao Someya and his team engineered an on-skin wearable that is made of nanomesh that includes a water-soluble polymer, a substance called polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), and gold, which are safe for the skin. The application is as easy as spraying water onto the material, allowing the wearable to stick and conform to the skin's pores. Under a microscope, the material looks like a tangle of overlapping fibers. Through multiple participant tests, the material proved to be permeable to gases which allow oxygen to flow easily to the skin. It was also able to measure temperature, pressure, and muscle strength without any discomfort.

This is a revolutionary change to the world of technology within the departments of health, it is almost like wearing a second skin. Nanomesh is an indication that technology living on the skin is closer than we may think.

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