The Chicest Weed Essentials and Splurges from the Internet and Beyond

Author: Jana K. Hoffman

There are many songs dedicated to it, and many states that have finally legalized it. Yet the latest marijuana movement belongs to the ladies — the ladies who smoke it and the ladies who have found their niche by capitalizing on the boom.

Today, there are more women than ever before at the helm of cannabis-based businesses and companies purveying curated goods for female weed enthusiasts. And it’s not just because the cannabis plant is female — although that is a curious coincidence. According to a Marijuana Business Daily article, women make up 36% of the industry’s C-suite and high-level leaders (no pun intended). To help navigate the fast-growing $3.4 billion space, a group of savvy female entrepreneurs, including Jane West of her namesake brand, established Women Grow in 2014. The organization, which was founded in Denver, Colorado, a region at the forefront of marijuana adoption and legalization, is dedicated to creating, connecting, educating, and empowering the next generation of cannabis leaders. How’s that for support?

Now, brands like Apothecanna, Healthy Headie, Miss Grass, Shop Jane West, Wana Brands, Whoopi & Maya (yes, of Whoopi Goldberg fame), and many others are popping up around weed-friendly states like California, Colorado, Oregon, and beyond. They're changing the way we consume marijuana with next-level products for smoking it, storing it, eating it, and even decorating the home with it.

With this in mind, MISSBISH put together a list of the chicest weed essentials and splurges from the internet and beyond. You’ll want to pass this on to your girlfriends.

Marijuana Bouquet, $400 USD
Lowell Herb Co.

What better way to share the high that comes with being in love than treating yourself or surprising someone else with a marijuana bouquet? We can’t think of anything. This dope bouquet contains 1 ounce of organic cannabis nestled among other locally grown wild greens. Lowell Farms, based in California, has been around since 1909, so you know it’s legit.

Limited Edition All Natural Sigurberry High CBD Gumdrops, $40 USD
Lord Jones

Lord Jones collaborated on a very special limited edition cannabis gummy with Iceland's sweethearts Sigur Rós. The flavor is inspired by Icelandic wild blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries and is infused with full-spectrum CBD derived from specially sourced organic hemp. Each set of nine comes packaged in a gorgeous blue box that’s almost better than receiving the other kind of blue box (ahem, Tiffany & Co.). 

Instant Weed Delivery

Now you can have medical marijuana delivered right to your door. EAZE allows anyone with a valid medical marijuana card to place an online order and track the delivery from the local dispensary to your home. EAZE’s mission is to provide safe, secure access to high-quality cannabis at low prices, conveniently delivered. You can even register for a medical marijuana card via EAZE's sister app for $29 USD.

Rub. Medical Cannabis Body Balm, $20 USD
Whoopi & Maya

Reach for the Rub. instead of Aspirin the next time you’re battling menstrual cramps. This medical cannabis balm was specially formulated to relieve menstrual cramps when applied directly to the skin. Rub. contains a blend of herbs, sungrown cannabis, St. John’s wort, cramp bark, chamomile, and essential oils. Not only will it help to relieve cramps, but it’ll uplift your spirits, too. Win-win.

Cannabis Candle, $54 USD
Malin + Goetz

No, it may not contain actual cannabis, but Malin + Goetz’s Cannabis candle smells so damn good it’s practically addictive. The blend of beeswax, vegetable wax, and soy wax ensures a cleaner, better burn, while the scent of spicy, peppery notes evocative of the cannabis plant is truly intoxicating. You may also want to grab toiletries in the same cannabis scent to round out your collection.

The Spoon, $50 USD
Jane West x GRAV

Upgrade your pipe game with The Spoon, which is inspired by the cheap-o ones that you always seem lose. Made from stunning cobalt blue borosilicate glass, this perfectly portable pipe is both delicate yet functional and ideal for all smoking occasions - especially when you want to be discreet. The ergonomic mouthpiece rests easy on the lips, and the rounded bowl circulates smokes for a smooth draw every time. The Spoon is part of a larger five-piece collection in the same cobalt blue borosilicate glass.    

Stashbox Subscription, $30 USD/month

Get the latest and greatest cannabis stash delivered to your doorstop every month. Stashbox, based out of Colorado, is like Birchbox, but with an assortment of weed-related items like bongs, edibles, papers, pipes, toiletries, and more. The boxes are tailored to your lifestyle, and each comes with five to eight products that are valued at around $75 USD. You can even rate and review your box to earn rewards.

Vegan Pop Tartelettes, $16 USD
Treat Yourself

Your inner child will be grinning, but your outer adult will be praising sweet baby Jesus for the grownup version of your (probably) favorite elementary school breakfast food. Treat Yourself created a delightfully vegan version of the Pop-Tart pastry with a cannabis twist. These Cherry Almond Pop Tartelettes contain 50 milligrams of CBD and 20 milligrams of THC per package. Plus, they’re vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and refined sugar-free. Now, that’s one delicious way to lift your day.

Fruit Fantasy Pipe, $95 USD

Gone are the days when you have to scramble to create a makeshift pipe out of an almost-rotten apple that's been hanging around for days. Summerland has designed its own ceramic apple pipe coated in white lead-free foodsafe glaze. Fruit Fantasy is part of a larger all-white ceramic collection of bongs and pipes made with the minimalist in mind. When you're not using it to smoke, you can turn it into a piece of decor or an incense burner.

Hippie Sh*t Fragrance No. 1, $129 USD
Mister Green

When you’re not smoking but still want to awaken the senses, turn to Mister Green’s proprietary fragrance appropriately named Hippie Sh*t. It’s a dreamy blend of soft wood, neroli, musk, smoke, and leather, which sounds pretty masculine, but actually gives off the delicate and satisfying scent of Palo Santo. Although, disclaimer: Mister Green can’t promise that it’ll ward off evil spirits.   

Yelp + Google Maps, but for Cannabis

Weedmaps is a community where medical marijuana patients find and connect with dispensaries. The super-intuitive site allows you to plug in a zip code and conveniently browse local dispensaries and menus, check out hot deals, read reviews, and make secure purchases. The brand even has a Weedmaps TV channel on YouTube, which grants you access to all the education and information your stoner brain desires.

Rose Gold Vaporizer Pen, $60 USD

Gorgeously packaged and meticulously engineered, Beboe offers pre-filled single-use rose gold vaporizers. Each finely crafted and Instagram-worthy vape contains 200 milligrams of Sativa blend THC and 40 milligrams of CBD. It’s almost too pretty to smoke. Almost.

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