The Eccentric Up-And-Comer Changing the Music Game | Meet lemin.

Author: Kacie Anderson
11.14 / Music

Unique and a self-proclaimed "lemon," singer/songwriter lemin.’s entire album, hold A: act 1, was mastered by the one and only Dave Kutch, aka DK of the Mastering Palace, who is most known for mastering projects for Beyoncé, Chance the Rapper, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Rae Sremmurd, and SZA. She has encountered multiple situations where people have tried to overshadow her talent, and while women may not have a large presence in the production space currently, lemin. is always involved in the creative process from beginning to end. The 24-year-old sultry songstress spoke to us about her experiences in the industry, where she is right now, and where she is going, and we quickly learn that this chick clearly knows her sh*t.

People may say, "Your voice is amazing,” and totally disregard that she not only sings, but actually wrote the songs and produced her entire album. She also gets the whole, “Oh well, you’re pretty good for a girl," but lemin. is good for anyone in the industry and she hopes everyone will see that.

I read an interview online that mentioned you had changed your name. What’s the story behind the name change?
Lemon was too common, and you can’t copyright it because it’s so common. We wanted to be different.

So why lemin.? Where did the name originally come from?
It came from a Volkswagen ad. In the ad, it talked about how the Volkswagen came at a time when all of these luxury cars were being made and the Volkswagen was little and ugly. When something is a lemon, it’s known as bad or different; something that's not “good enough." That’s me, I’m a lemon. But in the sense that I’m unique and different, and just not like everyone else.

Describe your sound.
It’s all chill, nothing too crazy. Most of the songs are slow. "Extension chord" is the most upbeat song on the whole album. It’s also kind of eclectic.

Tell us about why you named the first album, hold A: act 1.
act 1 is about heartbreak. It’s like, a 3-part relationship. First comes the heartbreak, then the anger, then comes the acceptance, which is act 3. The songs reference Mario Kart, which you’ll hear in act 3. It’s about hope and acceptance, and the "moving on" part of the series. In the video game Mario Kart, you hold A to accelerate; so this is me accelerating into this.

Is Mario Kart your favorite game?
Yes! I love Mario Kart!

What’s your favorite song on hold A and why?
My favorite song changes week to week, but my favorite right now would be “Cookie Dough Skin.” I was in this poetry class and there is some kind of poem where you basically say one thing, and it’s a comparison. So for the class, I wrote something about cookie dough and I thought, “Hmm, this could be a song."

Being a female singer, songwriter, and producer, how do you combat the “male domination” in this industry?
I’m really lucky that I have Lola (Lola Plaku--lemin.’s manager and one of the most well-known women in the music industry). So I don’t have to deal with it a lot of that. It’s something that you kind of just have to power through until you earn the respect that you should have automatically had.

Photographers: Sylvein Granier & Kevin Wong

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